Chrissy Teigen’s two-year-old took her first dance class – and it sparks joy

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Holy ballet slippers, Batman. Young Luna Stephens – the almost-three-year-old daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend – has started dance class and it’s a-freaking-dorable.

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First dance class!!

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Chuckles and Jiffies

The couple, who are also parents to 10-month-old Miles, are obviously proud as punch as they spy on their daughter from the dance studio window. They can be heard chuckling and tittering their way through Luna’s class as they video their daughter’s efforts for posterity.

To be fair, Luna is doing a brilliant job of making her own rules as she navigates the cutest polka dot, sunflower and soft-toy strewn obstacle course dance circuit you’ve ever seen in your life.

Luna chooses not to stand on her spot, nor to bother with weaving in and out of the cute toys. She does, however, deign to trot across the sunflower stems.

“First dance class!!” Chrissy captioned the videos. “KILLING ITTTTTT!”

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“She’s delish and so cute”

The preschooler’s cute ballet bun, leotard, tights and Jiffies also didn’t go unnoticed by followers. And nor did her freestyle approach and hands-on-hips confidence. She looks the total part and she’s ready to improvise like the tiny creative that she is.

“That would be me, nope, I’m not listening to you. Just over here doing my own thing. She’s so cute,” one Instagram fan posted.

“She’s delish and so cute – but the best part is you and the hubby laughing in the background!” another wrote and honestly they’re spot-on.

“She’s growing so fast. I Love her,” one fan posted. “She’s a sweet child. Beautiful baby energy.”

“Bottle that up to keep foreverrrrrrr,” someone else commented and quite rightly so because cutest dance class everrrrrrr!

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