Helpful contraption easily cuts grapes and cherry tomatoes into quarters

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Who even KNEW that there was a fancy contraption that transforms grapes and cherry tomatoes from choking hazards into delicious and safe snacks?!

 Life-changing contraption

Yup. No more do you need to wield a knife and put your fingers at risk when those little suckers try to roll away. Now you can pop them into the OXO Good Grip Grape Cutter and make short work of cutting up your tiny round fruit and veg without a single flesh wound!

The OXO Grape Cutter also hopes to “eliminate the risk of choking on whole grapes by quartering them,” keeping things less messy and much safer for YOU and your child.

“Our Grape Cutter features sharp, serrated, stainless steel blades that quickly and easily slice through grapes,” the folk at OXO say. “The curved finger rests provide comfort, even during repetitive use.”

Apparently, it works with one easy motion and is cleverly engineered to chop small tomatoes and grapes for snacks, salads or …. sangria! It can also cut pitted cherries and olives.

It’s designed to be travel-friendly too with a cover that snaps on for safe storage and on-the-go use.

 Oxo Grape Cutter Oxo Grape Cutter

Reduces time toddlers spend screaming for grapes

This product has a whole bunch of 5 star Amazon reviews, so obviously it’s something that parents are loving. They note that this makes short work of a task that can actually be a bit pesky and that while it might seem like an unnecessary device it actually makes their lives a whole lot easier.

“I know, I know… some people must be looking at this and thinking ‘people who buy this are way too lazy, why not just use a knife?!'” one woman wrote. “Well let me tell you, as the mother of three kids, two of them two and under (who obviously need their grapes cut up to prevent choking), this is a must have!! I can easily cut up two bowls of grapes in no time, which means less whining. Win, win in my book! It works great, is easy to clean and just makes life easier in general. 😉 Highly recommend to Mum’s of little ones out there!”

Oxo Grape Cutter

“I will never look back”

“So my toddler loves grapes but I have been scared of the choking hazard it presents,” another reviewer explained. “She gets very impatient waiting for me to cut them up. So on a whim, I ordered this. I thought to myself I am silly, how much longer does it take to cut up grapes then to use this. UMMM wrong, This thing is amazing. It made cutting up grapes so easy and I definitely increased my productivity time, thereby lessening the time I listened to my toddler screaming for more grapes. But really in all seriousness, it worked great and was definitely worth buying.”

“I saw this at a store, then forgot to buy it so I went on Amazon, read some reviews, and placed my order,” a woman posted. “I will never look back. This thing is amazing. I might even start giving it as a baby shower gift, it’s that good. The biggest part though – it’s dishwasher safe.”

It’s available at all good kitchenware stores or on Amazon and is priced anywhere from between $10 to $25.

OXO has a bunch of other products that make light work of food prep too. Things like garlic slicers, Brussel sprout shredders, spiralizers, onion choppers and avocado slicers, in case they might be helpful. You’re welcome.

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