‘Babies With Teeth’ is our new favourite bonkers meme

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A US photographer has sparked a whole new meme with her bonkers ‘babies with teeth’ memes.

Hilariously toothy

“Everyone loves Babies With Teeth!” Texas-based lifestyle and family photographer Ashley Evans (aka the brains behind Babies With Teeth) told popular website DIY Photography. 

And do you know what? We think she’s 1000 percent spot on!

Ashley says the whole thing kicked off when she used the FaceApp smartphone app to give her two-month-old son a nice set of choppers. The results were so hilarious she dug out a photo of her older daughter as a baby and gave her teeth too.

She shared the photos on social media and soon enough, it seemed that everybody loved toothy babies. Before you knew it, a Facebook page celebrating Ash’s brilliant handiwork was born.

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“It makes everyone laugh”

“I haven’t had any bad reactions at all,” Ashley told DIY Photography. “I think it’s something that’s so weird yet so funny. It’s hard to not look at it and it makes everyone laugh because it’s so unusual. Plus, babies are cute and everyone loves babies.”

The app-wielding mum says that she’s found herself with an unexpected workload now that friends and family have seen what a difference pearly whites make to their wee babies. It’s almost become a bit of an obsession.

“EVERYONE wants me to put teeth on their babies,” she admitted, noting “my husband is annoyed with it.”

It’s not hard to see why everyone’s keen to make the most of Ashley’s skills. Take a look at some of her masterpieces below …

Bill aka The One Who Started It All


Grinners are winners …


Just chillin’


Pretty in pink


No hair, don’t care …


Hold the bacon …




We laughed and laughed …



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