Oops, I left my boy’s ‘Lovie’ at kindy overnight – and there was a thunderstorm

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Oh silly, silly me. How could I do such a thing?! 

“Lovie is having a sleepover at kindy”

Yesterday, I left my son’s security blanket, also affectionately known as ‘Lovie’, in his kindy bag basket. And last night there was scary lightning AND thunder.


He needed Lovie. 

And because he needed Lovie, I needed Lovie.

But alas, Lovie was having a sleepover at kindy.

I forgot her

I was in such a rush to get my little guy to a doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon at pick up time, that I accidentally left her in his kindy basket (yes, according to my son Lovie is a girl).

After quickly signing him out and grabbing his koala backpack, as well as the cute Christmas craft he’d made, I didn’t realise that I’d left the all-important Lovie behind.

This was a big boo boo of mine. Actually, it was an ENORMOUS one.

Baby in blanket

Lovie has superpowers

But the thing about my sweet Sam’s Lovie, and any toy or soft thing that our little ones are attached to, is that they have soothing powers.

Whenever he’s upset, he wails for Lovie and when I give it to him, he lets her soak up his tears while I rock him. That, or he rolls around on the floor with her as her calming powers wash over him in a snuggly cuddle. He also can’t sleep without Lovie. Which is why she accompanies him to kindy for day sleeps

So you can imagine then, his and my distress, when the first claps of thunder hit and I remembered I’d left his beloved Lovie at kindy.


Oh crap.

What the hell am I going to do? I fretted. 

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A dressing gown to the rescue

As the thunderstorm increased in volume, rain pounding on the roof and lightning flashing outside, I offered up every other toy in his collection as a substitute. That only made matters worse.

“I DON’T want crocodile. I WANT my Lovie,” he wailed with tears streaming down his cheeks.

Not even my other son’s Lovie was going to do. “But that’s Leon’s Lovie!” he protested when I said he could snuggle her tonight instead.

Then, my mum, who we live with, offered our distraught Sam something that made him stop and consider.

It was her old dressing gown. In a similar shade of blue as Lovie, and made of a soft, though not as soft, material.

It was cuddly. And it smelt of Granny.

But it was what she said next that sealed the deal:

“You can borrow MY special Lovie, just for tonight, because tomorrow you will get your Lovie back. BUT Sam, MY Lovie will need you to cuddle her all night because she will miss me. Could you do that?”

He didn’t say a word, but nodded sulkily, accepting the dressing gown ‘Lovie’.


So now I will never. NEVER forget Lovie, ever again. No matter how late we are. Lovies are so important to our little people.

Also, anyone reading this who thinks, “I should do away with my kid’s Lovie to avoid such tears,” know that kids with Lovies grow up to form meaningful relationships. Being attached to a Lovie is actually a really positive thing! 


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