Espresso martinis now come in a can so picnics will never be the same

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If you fancy cracking a more sophisticated tinny at your next festive picnic, then the folks at Kahlúa have you covered.

Velvety smooth?

Noticing the keen trend towards fancy cocktails, coffee culture AND convenience, they debuted their espresso martini in a tin earlier this year.

Kahlúa’s Espresso Martini Velvety Smooth is apparently made from roasted coffee, Kahlúa liqueur and a dash of grain vodka. It comes in a 200ml can four-pack and seems to be on sale through IGA – and possibly other outlets.

Within the can is a magical ‘smart’ nitrogen widget to help bring bubbles to the surface as soon as it’s opened thus creating the ‘crema’ of an Espresso Martini.  You then pour it into a glass or sip it from the can, but the idea is to wait 20 seconds or so until that foamy crema sets. The future is now, I tell ya!

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Doing God’s work

When a Victorian IGA outlet triumphantly announced the arrival of these cans of fancy on Facebook, people went a leeeeetle bit nuts. Perhaps they’d been drinking a lot of coffee? Perhaps they just like martinis. It’s hard to know.

“You can keep one in your handbag (or desk drawer!) for emergencies!!” someone suggested enthusiastically.

“Espresso martini in a can.. wine in a can.. the world has reached its peak.. we can all die now,” another Facebooker commented approvingly.

“Tastes bloody good had one the other night,” a man who had done God’s work for us all posted.

❗️IT HAS ARRIVED❗️? Kahlua Espresso Martini Velvety Smooth in a 200mL can !! ?

Posted by Ritchies Liquor Carrum Downs on Monday, 29 October 2018

Coffee culture meets can

The folk at Kahlúa said they saw the Espresso martini as an emerging opportunity and capitalised on it in a hand-dandy way with this product. Or in their words …

“Coffee culture is booming around the world and at the same time we are seeing an increased demand for a high-standard cocktail experience at home,” a Kahlúa spokesman told boozy trade website The Spirits Business.

“Our clear focus on quality and innovative packaging for the Kahlúa Espresso Martini can will not only add to the consumer experience and moment of consumption, but to the entire convenience segment as this truly is a first-of-its-kind packaging solution for the ready-to-drink cocktail industry.”

Okayyyy. Anyway, they’re hoping to make it much easier to crack a martini, it would seem and bless them for their efforts. Happy Christmas, martini fans!


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