Beetlemania: Dreams come true because there’s Bertie Beetle ice creams now

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Everybody’s favourite showbag favourite is now available in ice cream form and sweet-toothed Australians cannot believe their luck!

Bertie Beetle 2.0

Bertie Beetle has long been the most affordable and delicious showbag, with the honeycomb-dotted chocolate beetles the hero of bags that – once upon a time – cost just $2 a pop.

While the price of these showbags has climbed a titch (are they $4 plus now?) it’s been in direct correlation to the chocolate’s admiring fans.

Granted the beetles were available at some supermarkets in a multipack, but they were often very hard to find. Now the BB fanbase can now enjoy their fave yummy bug in a whole other incarnation, with Bertie Beetle ice creams on sale across the country. Hooray!

Woolworths is stocking this brand new treat in the freezer aisle of selected stores and they apparently sell for $8 a box. As the news broke, ice-cream, beetle and showbag fans took to Twitter in their thousands scores to celebrate and spread the news.

Alert! Alert!

Twitter account Old Shops Australia took to Twitter on New Year’s Day with breaking news.

“Special Nightfill Correspondent Adam Bennett sends us this snap direct from the supermarket freezer,” they posted. “Bertie Beetle ice creams are a thing now, apparently.”

“While there is uproar about Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream let’s focus on the lesser known BERTIE BEETLE ICECREAM,” someone else on Twitter shouted. “You can’t get Bertie Beetles at any other time than show time but now those magnificent bastards have given it to us as an ICE CREAM HELLO YAS QUEEN.”

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Not Bertie Beetle-ish enough

Everyone seemed v. excited, but for one Bertie fan the ice creams were not big enough nor Bertie Beetle-ish enough.

“Review on the Bertie Beetle Ice Creams,” a Tweeter called Kate posted.  “Not worth $8.00. Very small ice creams, size of a small biscuit. Doesn’t taste anything like BB; just a generic chocolate ice cream. This has been your whiny novelty product overview.”

Twitter user Pete says they’re the biz – “Gave these a go at work today. Verdict – awesome, but pricey compared to their Royal Show counterparts.”

Twitter’s Loz says they are yummy but left her wanting an actual Bertie Beetle – “Would I eat it again? You’re damn right I would,” she declared.

As accomplished as Kate and Pete and Loz all sound, we are quite hungry now and feel it is our duty to do our own research. Will report back ASAP. You’re welcome.


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