Hooray! Pickle ice cream is here to soothe those weird pregnant lady cravings

Pickle Ice Cream

Praise be. Someone has invented pickle ice cream and pregnant ladies too exhausted to manage a pickle and a bowl of ice cream are breathing the most whopping sigh of relief!

Put a pickle on it

If you’ve watched the brilliant Chef’s Table episode about Christina Tosi, then bonkers New York soft serve flavours (hello Cereal Milk ice cream!) might already be on your radar.

While New York is steeped in foodie tradition, they also like to shake things up, turning nostalgic or low-brow snacks into something super-surprising.

It’s mission blinking accomplished for one particular chef, as his NY “wait, what?” culinary creation involves … pickle-flavoured soft serve!

“We wanted to have something that reflected our childhood memories,” the man in question, Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co’s Chef Brown told Refinery29.  The weirded out flavour is now on offer at the new Upper West Side eatery and people are … eating it up!

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“We’re known for our pickle recipes and in both of our other restaurants, we have pickles as one of our staple items on the menu, so this was sort of a no-brainer,” Chef Brown said.

Just add cucumber!

Apparently the main ingredient in this pickle soft serve is … cucumber juice! 

“The treat has a tang to it,’ Refinery29 reported, after trying this unusual treat, “which makes it taste similar to a half-sour pickle, or a pickled cucumber that spends only a short amount of time in its brine.”

It is unclear whether expectant ladies have been descending on the restaurant to sample this labour-saving flavour, but TBH we predict a preggo stampede.

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