Zoë Foster Blake’s tips for new parents to “help get you some goddamn sleep”

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Zoë Foster Blake continues her excellent habit of talking about the trickier bits of parenting, yesterday sharing an update that reveals the family’s next level sleep deprivation – and the things that help ease newborn daughter Rudy’s tummy troubles.

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Feeling the sleepless feels

Many of us have been there. We’ve had our own “little Gollums”. The kind that cry till tears fill their ears and pull their knees up to their chin. Zoë Foster Blake has your back.

Not only does she know that it’s prudent to get support ASAP when unsettled babies are sharing their misery with the entire wakeful household, she’s got some practical tips that might just save your skin (and sleep).

“Unlike her brother and father, my newborn struggles to expel air,” Zoë posted. “Doesn’t help that my flow speed (milk, not rap) is set to 200km/ph.”

“Little Gollum”

Baby Rudy was born a month ago (a wee tiny sister for Sonny, hurrah!) and she’s finding the whole food in the outside world thing a bit of a challenge.

“She’s a gulpy, anguished, scrunched-up, yelly, crying, non-sleeping little Gollum unless I do stuff (tilted feeding etc) to limit gassiness. I know it will pass, but still. There’s no risk of me being considered an expert, but these anti-wind aids were recommended to me, and I now I piff them to you. Cos maybe they will help get you some goddamn sleep.”

Zoë’s parent-to-freaking-exhausted-parent tips are as follows:

1. The Cooconababy Nest

“After a few shit nights of her in the bassinet, I tried this, which a friend evangelically advocated. It’s the duck’s nuts. She’s not slept elsewhere since. It’s on an incline for her reflux, is portable, gives her in-womb snugness, is safe, and I feel confident co-sleeping with it. It’s $300, and they only sleep in it for 3-4m, but WHAT PRICE SLEEP?! If only I knew about this when Sonny was a newborn. Baby gadgets have improved so much in the last three years. Never mind what OUR mums had. (A cardboard box, a blanket and a dummy made from a car tyre).”

Find the CoocoonaBaby Nest here – it’s $299 AUD.

2. Willby’s Wind and Colic mixture

“I mentioned on IG stories I was using Infants Friend for her wind, and dozens of women immediately contacted me saying I had to try this stuff. It definitely helps. She’s calm, and goes to sleep easily. She still has some horrid feed/gas episodes, but overall: game changer! Toot city! Marvellous!”

Find Wilby’s Wind and Colic Mixture here

3. Dr. Browns Options Wide-Neck Newborn bottle (with a Pigeon wideneck SS teat)

“As recommended by my all-knowing midwife wizard. We use occasionally for dreamfeeds, and it gives a gentle, non-gulpy feed.”

Find Dr Brown’s Options Wide-Neck Newborn Bottle here – from $27 for a twin-pack
Find the Pigeon Wide-Neck SS Teat here – it’s $6.95

Zoë’s final tip is a good one too. *coughs* 

“4. Whisky on her dummy. CALM DOWN I’M JOKING IT’S JUST A JOKE. I put it straight into her bottle, obviously.”


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