“Full ebola wash down” Hamish Blake’s too germy to touch new baby Rudy

Hamish and Sonny Blake

Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake’s newborn daughter Rudy entered the world last week, but her dad and big brother have been so sick that cuddles are being strictly monitored for risk of cross-infection.

“Milk chug”

In his first interview since the arrival of baby number two, Hamish told Hit radio network’s Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little that Rudy was shaping up to be quite the marathon champ and indeed appeared in awe of her mad milk skills.

“It’s like she’s an endurance athlete at the moment; just sleeping the bare minimum — 30 or 40 minutes and then it’s back up. If she’s an endurance athlete, the event is ‘milk chug.’ She’s livin’ the dream, just chugging milk,” Hamish quipped.

“She’s lovely”

It seems his besotted admiration has had to be pretty arms-length to date, as Hamish revealed both he and the pair’s son Sonny were struck down by a nasty virus – and less than keen to pass it onto the girls in their gang.

“She’s lovely, and I enjoy looking at her from a distance or behind a surgical mask, but you’re right now talking to a guy with pink eye and a lot of stuff going on.”

“Everyone’s saying ‘Enjoy the baby bubble, enjoy the baby bubble’,” Hamish said, explaining he was in a different kind of bubble and it was quite a germy one.

“I’m in a Hazmat bubble! I have to go through the full ebola washdown before I can get near my child,” he revealed.


“Ultimate mum”

Of wife Zoe, who’s not only carried and delivered a baby, but has to contend with a double dose of dude flu as she recovers from the birth, Hamish had only good things to say.

“Champion. Champion birth. Inspirational. Ultimate mum,” he said wisely.

We think this high praise is an excellent strategy for any gent who is sniffling into a box of tissues as his wife becomes reacquainted with the challenges of breastfeeding a newborn and remastering pelvic floor control.

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