Khloé Kardashian shares baby True’s ‘Sleepytime Playlist’

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After some incredibly normal exhausting early days involving breastfeeding struggles and sleep battles, Khloé Kardashian says her six-month-old daughter is now sleeping like a trooper.

“Such a good sleeper!”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star puts her snoozy luck down to a clear bedtime routine – which they don’t divert from – and a brilliant playlist that reliably soothes baby True to sleep.

“My little mama is such good sleeper!” Khloé wrote on her blog.

“We have a set bedtime routine that we do every night,” she explained, “but I love to incorporate music into everything we do. Check out my sleepy playlist that’s just as mellowing for an adult as a babe, lol.”

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Khloé’s totally onto something here and it’s potentially about even more than that vital good night’s sleep.

Studies tell us that the infant brain seems particularly primed for music exposure – and even that small babies who participated in interactive music lessons “smiled more, were easier to soothe, and showed less distress when things were unfamiliar or didn’t go their way.” 


True's Spotify playlist

Art imitating life

Khloé shared her cute playlist via an embedded player on her blog, which dedicated KarJenner fans followed across to Spotify. Once in the app, it becomes apparent that there are a whole bunch of public playlists on offer curated by various KarJenner sisters, with something for every mood and occasion.

Let us take you through a few …

From Koko we have: Khloé’s Breakup Playlist then Khloé’s Beast Mode Workout Playlist then Khloé’s Independent Ladies Playlist followed by Khloé Kardashian Getting Glam and then Khloé’s Cosy Tunes (oh HELLLLLO Tristan!) followed by Khloé’s Lullabies for True.

Yup! For those playing at home, these playlists mirror Khloé’s life over the last few years, from breaking up with Lamar (or French?) through her reinvention and Revenge Body phase, on to dating, Netflix and chill (oh HELLLLLO Tristan!) and finally her new mum days.

Kourney Kardashian

There’s also lists from some of the other sisters: Kendall’s No Prom Prom Playlist, Kendall’s Range Rover Playlist and Kendall’s Ferrari Playlist. (Honestly, who doesn’t have a playlist for each luxury vehicle they own? There’s a Stingray one too, and a Stingray is a car, y’all!)

But our very favourite is Kourney’s Lullaby Playlist (complete with missing “t” typo!) We love a corny playlist, especially if it’s Kardashian created and we are very sure that nobody is telling Kourt there’s a typo because that’s simply how they roll.

Now perhaps you’d like to listen to True’s lullabies? Here you go … #KourtDidItFirst #Kourney

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