“So much pumping” Keira Knightley talks breastfeeding – and her bub’s cute name

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Keira Knightley and her husband former Klaxons’ keyboard player James Righton welcomed their second bub together around seven weeks ago.

Welcome baby Delilah!

There was no announcement to reveal the family’s big news. The tabloid press simply spotted her pushing a pram with a very small baby in it and it popped up on the internet shortly afterwards.

We now know that the couple had a baby girl and that they have named her Delilah. She’s a baby sister for the pair’s first child, four-year-old Edie.

Keira recently spoke with UK newspaper The Telegraph about how she’s been balancing a high-profile career and newborn mum life. It turns out that much of her time is spent expressing milk.

“We’re going to be apart for six hours in total, so I pumped three feeds’ worth,” she told The Telegraph.

 “If I don’t do it my boobs will explode. I mean, quite literally. It’s going everywhere. So, you know, that’s not happening. The pump is with me. It’s fine.”

“So much pumping”

Keira also explained she’s taking six months off to recover from her pregnancy and birth – and bond with her daughter.

In a second interview the next day – with BBC Breakfast‘s Louise Minchin – Keira again was all preoccupied talk of boobs and pumps and honestly it’s super relatable and very new mum.

“You can tell I’ve got a 6-week-old baby, can’t you?! I’m talking, but I’ve got no idea where I’m going,” she admitted as she lost her train of though during the segment.

“I’ve gotta get back before 6:30 because that’s the feed. It’s going to be fine, we’re going to make it,”  she joked noting that all would not be lost if she WAS late home.

“There is a bit of extra milk — which I’d love not to use, because it’s in the freezer and that can be tricky — but it is there.”

“I definitely have to deal with pumping … yes, we’re pumping. Pumping. So much pumping.”

So much pumping INDEED. 


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