The very best things about sleeping babies that no one can resist

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Whether you’re expecting, planning on expanding the brood or are more than happy with what you have, no one can resist taking a sneaky peak at a sleeping infant. Here are the very best things about sleeping babies.

For the first few months, new babies spend an average of 16 hours a day in a peaceful slumber (hard to believe, I know!). While their sleeping patterns can be all over the place and are often preceded by plenty of cries and cuddles, the moment they fall into a dreamy sleep, it is instant bliss.

So what makes a sleeping baby so irresistible, apart from the peace and quiet? Here are a few of our favourite things – and we’re sure all parents will agree.

So many adorable positions

The safest way for bub to sleep in on his back but sometimes they fall asleep in different positions, like with their bums in the air or sleeping on their sides. And nothing compares to those milk-drunk sleeps!

So many grunts and funny noises

Sighs, grunts, snorts – whether baby is beside you or you hear them loud and clear through your baby monitor, you’ll be surprised at how they can keep you up at night. But they’re still sure to bring a smile to your face every time – and bonus – they’re a bit like white noise for grown ups!

Precious baby bedtime clothing

And you can dress them up in all sorts of ridiculous outfits, drape fuzzy fabrics over them, place beanies on their heads and even rest them in boxes for naw-worthy pictures. Go on, you know you want to.

Sweet little power stretches when waking up

We all love a good stretch, especially after a great sleep, but somehow when babies do it, it’s more adorable than when a fully grown adult does.

Watching your baby sleep on your partner

You never really realise how much you love someone until you watch them put your baby to sleep, especially when you are in desperate need of a night off.

Those first sleepy smiles

Which are actually just caused by wind, but, whatever. They are still super cute.

The way they nuzzle in when sleeping on your chest

Pair it with the sound of your baby’s heart beating against yours and the warmth of your skin touching his and you’ve got yourself a perfect moment.

Capturing a sleeping moment between baby and their siblings

Or your pet. We’re not fussy.

The soothing motion of rocking baby to sleep

Sure, it’s not great at 3am when you’d rather be in bed yourself, but in the early evening rocking your baby to sleep in your arms is one of the most calming experiences in the world.

So, if you catch yourself watching your little one rest peacefully rather than putting on a load of washing, don’t let the guilts get to you. Sit back, watch them sleep, leave the laundry and enjoy the moment. It’s an experience you’ll look back on fondly.

Unlike the laundry.


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