Should you use person-first or identity-first language?

Posted in Family Health.

When writing about disabilities and disorders, our readers and writers fall into two camps, those who prefer the use of person-first language and those who prefer identity-first language.

After careful consideration, we have respectfully made the decision to use person-first language (person with autism) in our articles and headlines (instead of autistic person). We understand that not everyone will agree with this approach and that this is ultimately a very personal choice, one that each of you will make when choosing how to identify yourself or a loved one.

We always discuss and approach such stories with the utmost respect, positivity and care and hope you understand our position is based on needing to make a choice between the two and not a statement on which is more valid. We ask that you engage with our community and writers on Facebook with respect when these topics arise.

Thanks, Babyology team


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