Videos that show parents how to get bub to fall asleep in record time

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What’s your secret to getting bub to fall asleep? Feeding? Rocking back and forth? Doing laps around the living room hushing and shushing? Bouncing up and down on the bed like a crazy person? Admitting defeat and putting bub in the car for a drive?

Been there. Done them all. But, it turns out, there are much easier ways to put baby to sleep… and in under a minute! Come and take a look at these magic sleeping tricks that just might be the ticket to settling your little one to sleep in record time.

First on the list of ways to make baby go to sleep is this gentle and relaxing option. Check out our video on how to put bub to sleep in under a minute by simply using your fingers to give a head massage. It’s actually incredibly easy to master. But does it work on your bub? Only one way to find out.


To master our next baby sleep trick all you need is a piece of tissue paper. And forty seconds, according to this video that shows how to put bub to sleep in record time without the need to bounce, rock or take a drive. This is one of our most successful posts ever with countless readers telling us it really does work!

baby hold

Got an overtired baby that simply won’t settle? Here’s a trick to try, developed and recommended by a paediatrician. This video shows you how to settle a crying infant in just four easy steps. Come and test it out.

Bub still not settling to sleep? Here are eight reasons why he might not be sleeping well.  And, here is some expert advice from our Babyology baby whisperer on how to master the fine art of self-settling that may also help you (and bub) get a decent night’s sleep.

Good luck! And sweet dreams.

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