Doctor reveals his secret to settling a screaming newborn in seconds

Paediatrician Dr Robert Hamilton says he came up with this unique way to calm babies, after years of trying to speak to parents over the sound of their screaming babies. The gentle hold seems to instantly soothe little ones, even after they’ve just been given a vaccination shot. Come and see how he does it.

Santa Monica-based Dr Hamilton has been a paediatrician for 30 years – which has given him a lot of time to work out just how to stop babies from crying.

“I have utilised the technique that I call ‘the hold’ over the years, which is very helpful in calming children and keeping them quiet.”

In a bid to help parents everywhere, he’s released a video of just how he does it. Take a look at ‘the hold’ in action:

Here are Dr Hamilton’s tips for using ‘the hold’:

  1. Fold the arms across the chest
  2. Secure the arms gently.
  3. Grasp nappy area.
  4. Rock at a 45 degree angle.

And if it doesn’t work?

“If your baby does not quieten down, think about two things – maybe your baby is not feeling well, they’re ill, or number two, maybe your baby is hungry,” says Dr Hamilton.

And for those of you with older bubs – it seems unless you’ve got great guns, you may have to resort to traditional rocking!

“I find that the hold is very helpful for the first two to three months of age. After that your baby becomes too heavy and it is very difficult to hold a baby at that point.”

We’d love to know if this technique works for you Babyologists – let us know if it soothes your bub!

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