Bedtime battles: 10 thoughts from my kid’s bedroom floor

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It was a habit I was told would be hard to break.

“Lying next to your kids when they’re babies to get them to sleep sets you up for life. You’ll still be doing it when they’re five!” they said.

“They” were right.

Fast forward five years and while it’s getting more infrequent, I am sometimes still sleeping on the floor of my children’s bedroom to help them sleep

Some nights it’s because of illness – other times it’s just because of random stuff like someone decides, “It’s too dark, Mummy”.  

Just like the experience itself, the conversations I have had while lying on that bedroom floor have gotten less interesting over the years. Depending on the level of sleep deprivation, of course.

10 thoughts I’ve had while lying on my kid’s bedroom floor

1. Why didn’t we get carpet

Nothing gives you renovation regret more than a sleepless child and a hardwood floor.

2. Why aren’t we co-sleeping

There’s a reason I co-slept with my second child.

3. If I stick my phone under the cot and dim the lights, I can answer my work email

Yeah. Nah.

4. I really should have put on my PJs

Sure it’s only 7pm but I’ve (already) had a long night down here.

5. Surely there’s something I can do while I’m down here

Probably not. Might use the time to make a mental list of all the stuff I have to do when they’re actually asleep. #stresstown  

6. Damn you, winter

I wonder if I can text hubby and ask him for a blanket?

7. Damn you, summer

at least it’s cool down here.

8. I really need a pillow

But I am way too tired to move now. Maybe I’ll just take a nap right here, like this genius mama?

9. Is that teddy bear staring at me

I swear he is. And so is that Fireman Sam doll. 

10. I’ll just stay until I can hear they’re in a deep sleep


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