Turia Pitt reveals her productivity hack for staying calm, even with a new baby

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Turia Pitt reveals she has been on a steep learning curve when it comes to juggling new-mum-life with her everyday I-need-to-get-stuff-done life. Luckily she has shared her sneaky new secret for being both productive and calm during the busy baby bubble.

Let it go

It can take a while for new mums to realise they can’t do everything they used to once be able to do with ease. Do you think Wonder Woman had a screaming baby attached to her while she was off saving the world? Nope. There comes a time when you’ve just got to let some things go.

Motivational speaker and mum-of-one, Turia Pitt, recently discovered she was struggling with this very familiar new mum battle. “One of the biggest adjustments for me has been accepting that I can’t do everything on my To Do list anymore,” she wrote yesterday in an email to her followers. “Instead of setting out to achieve ten things each day, I’ve found that I can only aim to achieve three. Maximum three. If I can achieve just ONE thing from that list, I feel like the day has been a win.”

Stop trying to achieve so much

Turia and her partner Michael welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Hakavai a few months ago, and while it’s been a magical time it’s also been challenging. The busy athlete and author admitted to her fans she’s been giving the matter of never-ending to-do lists some thought, “in between nappy changes and late night feeds”, and has realised the solution for mums (or dads) is to simply stop trying to achieve so many things each day and to prioritise instead.

Tackling the stress

A big fan of The 4-Hour Work Week author, Tim Ferriss, Turia believes strongly in his clever productivity hack for times of stress. A strategy she claims is “bang on,” and one she’s now applied to herself as a new mum dealing with sleepless nights and unfamiliar challenges. “I’ve taken the exact same approach whenever life has gotten overwhelming – be that because of a newborn baby, a busy time at work, or just those times when life feels insane,” she told her followers, clearly eager to help others overcome similar battles.

Her nifty approach

So what’s the secret? Here’s Turia’s super simple tactics for new mums who are stressing about not getting through their to-do list:

Step One – Grab a pen and paper and write down three to five things that you really need to achieve.

Step Two – For each item, ask yourself: “If this is the only thing I can do today, will I feel good?”

Step Three – Look only at the items you’ve answered “yes” to.

Step Four – Pick one of these items, JUST ONE and make this your priority for the day. Don’t worry about the others. You can get to the next most important task tomorrow.

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Focus your energy

The steps really are that simple, and yet most mums don’t naturally take them on board. Turia believes that by focusing your energy only on tasks that are the most important, you really can overcome your feelings of overwhelm. “Or at least stop it in its tracks for a day or so!”

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