“Take your baby momma out”: Dawson’s Creek star shares dating tip for parents

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Beloved former Dawson’s Creek star James Van Der Beek and wife Kimberly are parents to five beautiful kids and since the latest addition – young Gwendolyn – arrived, James has been in peak pro-parent tip mode!

“Take your baby momma out”

His latest hack is a helpful one, as he points out, the early weeks of a baby’s life are often perfect for some delicious dining out with a newborn in tow. James posted his date-encouraging advice on Instagram (also perhaps anticipating the parent-shamers response and adding a disclaimer about keeping away from germy types as you dine.)

#ProTip: #Newborns have a grace period when the ambient noise of a restaurant actually lulls them to sleep,” James wrote. “So reserve a booth at your favourite restaurant and take your baby momma out for a much-needed date before this window closes. (#AndDontLetAnybodyCoughOnYourKid)”

It’s not an approach that suits everyone, but for parents who aren’t keen to be away from their bub in the early weeks or find it a bit impossible, it’s one way of snatching a little bit of mum and dad time. And getting some delicious snacks. 

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Better dad-ing 101

James and wife Kimberly welcomed their latest addition, Gwendolyn, last month. They’re also parents to seven-year-old Olivia, six-year-old Joshua, four-year-old Annabel, two-year-old Emilia.

While Kimberly is being a brilliant woman and baby-carrying, baby-birthing, baby-feeding queen, James has committed himself to encouraging other dads to get more involved and pull their weight at home.

“If they start screaming and you find yourself wanting to say ‘Oh, C’MON!’ out loud … that’s fatherhood. If you feel helpless and inadequate and like you’re staring at a final exam full of questions you couldn’t possibly have known to study for … that’s fatherhood,” he wrote in a recent update, encouraging dads to hang in there and push on.

That’s fatherhood indeed. (As is making sure the mother of your children has all the snacks she needs.)


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