So sweet! Adoptive parents flying home with newborn given in-flight baby shower

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Welcome baby!

Flying with little ones is terrifying, but when you are new parents and your teeny baby is just eight days old, well it’s next level.

This was the situation Dustin Moore and his wife Caren found themselves in when they boarded a flight from Colorado to California to bring their newly-adopted daughter home.

But rather than it being a stressy flight it was a heartwarming one, thanks to fellow passengers who did something truly beautiful to celebrate the new parent’s joy.

Dad Dustin Moore, recently shared the story on Twitter in a series of tweets.

“I hope our story uplifts you, and reminds you there is goodness to be had in this world,” Dustin said before sharing the tale.

In-flight baby shower couple

A good story indeed

He starts off by explaining that he and his wife began the flight feeling a little frazzled.

“My wife carried our precious bundle, while I offered numerous apologies to passengers while maneuvering the aisle with four bags,” he writes.

“About mid-flight, our daughter awoke and politely informed us she wanted a new diaper.”

Yep, been there, Dustin!

“After inquiring about space for a table change, a thoughtful flight attendant (named Jenny) cleared a space in the back of the plane and gave us privacy,” he says.

After the nappy had been changed, Dustin says another passenger leaned over to get a glimpse of the couple’s sweet little baby.

Asking why they were travelling with such a tiny infant, he shared a short version of their adoption story, which was received with warm congrats.

Not long after another flight attendant, named Bobby, also gave his well-wishes.

In-flight baby shower couple

“Announcement, announcement!”

Moments later, Bobby’s voice came over the plane intercom saying there was an extra special passenger on board.

Yep, the special passenger was of course the Moore’s tiny new baby girl.

“She’s just been adopted by her parents, Caren and Dustin, and is making her way home,” Bobby shared, sending fellow passengers cheering and clapping.

But that’s not it.

Sweet Bobby, who was obviously feeling that overwhelming joy you have for someone else when they become parents, then started handing out pens and napkins to the passengers.

Love of strangers

Passengers were asked to share a word of advice or encouragement on the napkins, if they wished, to give to the brand new mum and dad.’

A sort of in-flight baby shower, if you will!

Dustin says he and his wife sat “speechless in gratitude” as they watched heartfelt napkin notes being written by people they had never met.

Once collected, the crew read some of the notes out.

“Rub each other’s feet, and rub the baby’s feet,” one read.

“Make time for date night,” another advised.

“Always tell her you love her,” said one more note.

“Drink lots of wine!” someone else laughed.

And finally: “Enjoy every minute. It goes by sooo very fast.”

In-flight baby shower couple

Extra love

A very special note was also handed in from a passenger who had been adopted:

“I was adopted 64 years ago,” the note read. “Thank you for giving this child a loving family to be part of. Us adopted kids need a little extra love. Congratulations.”


As to why the unexpected act of sweetness was bestowed upon them, Dustin and Caren discovered it was a case of ‘pay it forward’.

It turns out attendants Bobby and Jenny are husband and wife and had experienced something similar on their honeymoon flight.

“When I had spoken with Jenny,” Dustin shared, “she thought it was a perfect opportunity to pay forward the kind act they had been shown on their honeymoon.”

The napkin notes were gifted to the new mum and dad and as they  disembarked more well-wishes were given as everyone left the plane.

In his Twitter thread, Dustin has also shared that their road to become parents had been a long one.

“What all of those perfect strangers and attendants did not know, was the emotionally tender state of two brand-new parents,” he shared.

“Parents who after nine years of trying had been blessed with their first child. Parents who felt scared, but determined in their new role.”

See? A very good news story for your Monday. Hurrah!


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