Parents of 13 boys welcome their 14th child (with a very unusual name)

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When this Michigan couple found themselves adding another child to their already significant family of thirteen boys, you’d think they might have been hoping to switch things up a little.

“It’s not about having a girl”

Mum and dad Jay and Kateri Schwandt say they are now mostly focused on having a healthy baby – and gender longings are off the cards.

“For us, it is about the baby, about the miracle of life. It’s not about having a girl,” former social worker Kateri insists. (Her husband Jay is a real estate entrepreneur).

Prior to this, they admit they had hoped for a baby girl, but are now resigning themselves to the fact that things might go on as they’ve begun.

In other words, they are a BOY baby-making type of family!

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“I would love to have a girl, but I just don’t think it’s in the cards. The last couple, numbers 12 and 13, we kinda held out a little hope,” dad Jay told WoodTV.

Baby number 12 revealed himself to be a boy named Tucker, and number 13? A little guy named Francisco.

Fourteenth time’s a charm!

The couple – who are apparently devout Christians – just welcomed number 14 son, Finley Sheboygan, on April 18. He’s a happy and healthy little boy, much adored by his siblings already. (Jay and Kateri chose not to find out the gender before their baby was born, preferring to keep it a surprise.)

Examine that middle name a little more closely and you’ll discover it’s super appropriate and possibly slightly tinged in frustration. It’s SHE-BOY-GAN. She. Boy. Again. The name is taken from a Native American story involving a family with a similar ratio of boys to parents.

“We’ve got all boys, so it’s what we’re used to,” Jay told People Magazine. “It would’ve been nice to have a girl, but we’re super excited to have another boy. Some of the boys were hoping for a little sister, and some were rooting for another brother. I was pulling for a girl.”

“We enjoy every minute”

When people question their sanity and ponder the wisdom of raising so many kids, Jay says it makes perfect sense to them.

“This is just what we do. We are equipped to handle it. I can’t imagine not having 14 boys. We enjoy every minute of it.”

Finley is baby brother to Tyler, 25; Zach, 22; Drew, 21; Brandon, 19; Tommy, 16; Vinny, 15; Calvin, 12; Gabe, 11; Wesley, 9; Charlie, 8; Luke, 6; Tucker, 4 and Francisco, 2.

One more time?

Of course, the question is are the pair keen to give it another shot, just in case the planets align and they change things up? Jay admits they’re going with a “never say never” approach.

“We are both in our 40s now so we know we’re coming to the end of this,” Jay said. “When we found out she was expecting number 14 we really relished everything that’s gone along with her being pregnant again thinking this is probably the last time.”

“I have to leave that door cracked open just a little bit because I’ve been reminded that I said after 12 and 13 that we were done.”

Congratulations to this family on the birth of baby Finley!


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