The hospital food this mum got after giving birth in Japan blew her mind

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A lucky mum has shared a series of photos of her post-birth hospital meals on Imgur and it’s got everyone hankering for miso soup and sushi. On a tray. In bed. All tucked in.

So hungry right now

We prefer to assume this mum was hoping to get the bar raised in other hospitals around the world, and not merely gloating about her delicious postpartum experience. And let’s face it, generally hospitals serve us the worst meals when we most need to be looked after. It’s a baffling paradox.

This series of photos is the perfect example of things most recovering or unwell people might want to eat. Maybe this could start a revolution and hospital food may some day be edible?!

Delicious feasts daily

“I recently gave birth in Japan. Here is some of the hospital food I ate,” this beautifully-cared for mum posted.

She revealed the gosh-darned delicious meals she was offered included:

  • Salmon with mushroom sauce, soba noodles, rice, eggplant and beef, broccoli, hijiki salad.
  • Sea bream, pasta salad, chicken meatballs, pickled daikon, rice, miso soup, chawan mushi, green tea.
  • Chicken fingers with shredded cabbage salad, bitter melon stir fry, agedashi tofu, carrot salad, rice, miso soup.
  • Chicken with mushroom sauce, braised pumpkin and pork, daikon carrot salad, rice, miso soup, chawan mushi.
  • Fried fish with tartar sauce, braised mountain potatoes, hijiki salad, spinach and carrot stir fry, rice, green tea.
  • Final “Oiwai (Celebration) Dinner”: Camembert and raisins, roast beef, mashed potatoes, kabocha, lotus root with gravy, corn soup, rice, salad, tiramisu, fruit, orange juice, green tea.

It’s a far cry from what you might experience in an Australian hospital, let’s be frank.


I recently gave birth in Japan. Here is some of the hospital food I ate.

“Time to get pregnant”

Commenters on the post admitted these meals were making them a bit weak at the knees – and very, very hungry.

“I wanna give birth in Japan. And I am a 60 year old man….” one wrote.

“I work in an US hospital and the food we serve our patients is the kind of stuff that most likely landed them there in the first place,” another admitted.

“Time to get pregnant and wander around Japan I guess,” someone else plotted.

How about you? Was your experience of post-birth hospital food nutritionally-challenged? Is THIS the kind of food you’d much prefer, postpartum?


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