Dads, don’t be this guy! Mum’s hilarious birth selfie has us cracking up

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Oh my, this photo is just the best thing on the internet right now. And this poor dad is never, EVER going to live it down!

Birth drama

The picture captioned, “He was there to encourage his wife at her first childbirth” tells the story, so I will just let you take it in:

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He was here to encourage his wife at her First Childbirth 😂

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Not for the faint hearted

Clearly the new dad has fainted. I mean, we don’t blame him. Birth, especially c-section deliveries, can be pretty confronting.

Even if the privacy sheet is up, separating the parents-to-be from all that’s going on beyond it, there are the SOUNDS.

And for some of us, the imagination is sometimes worse than the real thing. If you are one of these types, you can understand him feeling dizzy.

Perhaps overcome by the graphic nature of birth (even though he’s meant to be the support person, not his poor wife EXPERIENCING the feeling of her tummy being tugged and then hollowed out – and yep, I’be had two of c-section births so I know),  he’s tapped out.

Her face, tho

But what’s even more hilarious about this image, isn’t just the man in the background planking on the theatre floor, it’s the glint in his wife’s eyes and the smile on her face.

One nurse in the background also shares the same look, while the other cradles their newborn.

Mum obviously thinks this is the funniest thing to happen and wants to capture the moment, because, let’s face it, it is a story that will last a lifetime.

“When I gave birth my husband took all the medical attention by fainting. Look, here’s a picture!”

I mean, will he ever live this down?!

“Don’t be this guy”

Along with it being the best picture on the internet right now, the comments are worth a scroll.

“He was beside himself” pointed out one.

“That dude will never live this down,” added another.

“Omg lmao poor guy had no idea what he was in for,” screamed someone else.

“Classic situation,” another sarcastic commentator stated.

One guy took the photo as a cautionary tale to other expectant dads — “Don’t be this guy,” he warns.

Yep, try not to be.  But if you are, just hope your wife doesn’t have a phone nearby to snap a picture.



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