Sam Wood shamed for taking his toddler and baby on an adventure

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The Bachelor’s Sam Wood and his wife Snezana welcomed their second child together in late July.

Into the Woods

The pair were already parents to nearly two-year-old daughter Willow, and Snezana’s 14-year-old daughter, Eve and announced they were going again back in February.

Since their new bub – a little girl who they called Charlie – arrived we’ve been catching very cute glimpses of the family’s shift from four to five.

This week Sam shared a trip from the great outdoors, revealing that he’d taken the younger girls out for a little adventure for the first time.

“First road trip with both my little babies today. You got this Dad,” Sam posted on Instagram sharing a photo of his windswept self pushing Charlie and Willow in their pram.

Dad-of-three Sam looks super casual in the shot with a backdrop of a fairly typical gloomy winter Melbourne sky.

“Sam, come on!!!”

But – weirdly – a number of people were not supportive of Sam’s outing with his girls at all. They thought the weather was too wild and woolly. They also didn’t like his travel set-up – and told him so.

“Bloody cold day for Charlie’s 1st road trip lucky you didn’t all freeze or fly away. I’m tipping you will stay indoors tomorrow,” one follower posted.

“It’s freezing and your taking the kids out ahh my lord sam come on!!!” someone else scolded.

“Please please please ensure you check on bub regularly with that sheet covering the pram. Personally I hate to see that,” another wrote.

But thankfully not everyone thought policing Sam’s parenting was a good idea. Lots of people thought some bracing fresh air was not a bad idea at all. (Including Willow because look at her cute face and pretzel bounty!!)

“I love how people are complaining about you taking them out in cold weather,” one supporter posted. “If people in England never took their children out because of the weather they wouldn’t go out at all. Looks like your doing a great job!”

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Charlie Lane WE LOVE YOU 💗

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“For gods sake. Kids can’t be wrapped in cotton wool,” someone else commented. “Let him be a dad and keep your negative comments to yourself!!” #HearHear!

“Great job, Dad!” another Sam fan wrote. “Rug them up and take them out in to the fresh air. Sure it was cold. So what? All these people complaining about you taking kids out in the cold would never survive living in North America, Canada, or northern Europe.”

And that’s a good point, isn’t it?! Also … Sam knows what he’s doing so let the dude live!


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