5 ways to support your toddler’s immune system when they’re starting daycare

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Sending our kids to daycare for the very first time is a big step that can be stressful for everyone involved! Not only do our little ones take their first baby steps away from mum and dad, but they also come into contact with a wide range of kids each day – and inevitably, these children will generously share around all types of germs that can keep your kids out of daycare and spread lurgies through the entire family.

So what can we do to help keep our little ones healthy? While you can’t prevent every sniffle or splutter, there is plenty you can do to minimise sick days and keep everyone as well as possible.

Here are some science-backed ways to support for your child’s health when starting daycare.

1. Feed them a nourishing diet

Researchers are currently deep-diving into the question of how diet impacts our immunity via the health of our gut, and they’re encouraging us to eat a wide variety of foods from the five food groups that are rich in nutrients. A nutrient-rich diet helps to keep our gut healthy and improves immunity.

Making sure your little one has plenty of fruits, vegetables and wholegrains is an easy way to help keep their immune system in tip top shape.

Winter Toddler girl

2. Supplement with a probiotic

We all know that small children can be particularly picky eaters, so it can sometimes make sense to give their diet a boost. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help keep our gut healthy. Biostime Infant Probiotics with Vitamin D comes in convenient ready-to-use sachets, to support healthy digestion and immune health.

3. Spend time being active together

Our bodies work best when they are well nourished, well rested and well exercised, so be sure to get moving with your little one. Even if they’re too small to be on the go quite yet, getting outside in the fresh air and spending time in nature has proven health benefits.

To keep their health optimal, the Japanese practise ‘forest bathing’ – literally spending quiet time in the forest enjoying the peace and clean air. This would be a lovely quiet-time activity you might like to try with your child. Otherwise, making the walk to daycare through a park might still do the trick!

Winter Toddler dad

4. Encourage hand-washing

Make hand-washing a non-negotiable routine in your household. It’s a brilliant way to minimise the risk of infection, stopping the spread of germs as well as keeping little – and big! – hands ship-shape. Hand-washing is also part of every daycare kid’s routine when they’re being cared for, so give your child a head start on this routine.

5. Create a regular bedtime routine

And speaking of routines, scientists are making more and more inroads into studying the importance of sleep. What they tell us is that getting enough sleep ensures that our bodies work the way they should, and that includes our immune system. Establishing a trusty bedtime routine and ensuring your child is warm enough in their bed, has a full tummy and has had enough stimulation during the day will all help them be primed for sleep. Good sleep = good health!

… And good health = good life!

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Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.


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