14 natural teething remedies you’ll want to get your hands on ASAP

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Teething. Sigh. While some babes sail through cutting their first teeth without so much as a grizzle, others wail the house down. My second son falls into the latter category, poor love, and so after days of irritability, clinginess and night waking, I usually have an ‘ah-ha’ moment as I feel a red swollen lump in his gums and realise a new little toothy peg is on its way.

While I do keep teething gel and kids paracetamol in the fridge, I’m reluctant to use these as the first port of call when there’s a multitude of natural options which can also ease sore gums. 

Here’s some of the best natural and homemade teething remedies I’ve discovered.

Give all the teething toys

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When bub is cutting a new tooth, he'll get great satisfaction from gnawing on a teether. Made from rubber or soft silicone, some commercial teethers can be filled with water (designed to go in the fridge not the freezer) for added relief. For an easy homemade teething toy though, simply squeeze water into your baby’s dummy and chill it.


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