Mum’s twin breastfeeding picture is leaving people “speechless”

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Prenatal yoga guru and mother of twins Amy Griffith, from Exercising Balance, posted a revealing shot of herself breastfeeding her twin newborns on Instagram. 

Recovering from a hectic birth, the picture shows Amy attempting to feed her two-week-old babies simultaneously – and the look of exhaustion on her face says it all.

Sleeping on the job

Amy’s husband caught a beautifully honest moment of Amy feeding her twins, and the yoga instructor wanted to share it with her followers.

“My hubby snapped this pic as I fell asleep sitting up, breastfeeding our 2 week old twins,” she wrote in the caption. “Exhausted doesn’t fully describe this experience as I was healing from 2 types of births (Baby A vaginal, Baby B cesarean) and my body is working non-freaking-stop to make all the milk for these boys.”

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Proud of my body

Exhausted from her ordeal, Amy was grabbing a few moments of rest. And while she may not feel like she looked her best, what she’s achieving is nothing short of spectacular.

“This is the least flattering/aesthetically pleasing image I could share of me bfing my twins but, man, it makes me proud as I look back at how hard my body was working,” she wrote.

“Sneaking in a nap while the boys ate because, holy crap, I could have fallen asleep anywhere during that first year of their lives.”

Amy amazed herself by breastfeeding for 28 months and considering her rocky start, the post helps to acknowledge the difficulties some women face. “Each day/week/month/year that ticked away was mind boggling to me,” she wrote.

“We were figuring this thing out. Together. It was not easy and required so much sacrifice, but I was 1,000% committed to this part of my journey and thankfully, we made progress together.”

An inspirational message

Looking back at that time, Amy says there were “so many beautiful moments.”

“The first time twins hold hands while bfing is heart-bursting. Those moments of connection, warm snuggles, love given and received got me through.”

Amy’s post has certainly struck a chord with her many followers. We often see such shiny pics on Instagram, so it’s refreshing to see a shot that clearly shows the fatigue and hard work behind the demanding job of breastfeeding. 

“This post just left me speechless”

A host of comments offered words of appreciation and support for Amy.

“This post Just left me speechless. YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. !!!” said one follower.

“Aren’t our bodies incredible!? It’s not always sexy, but man is it amazing… your twins are very lucky to have you girl!” gushed another.

Others said they couldn’t imagine having two babies to feed.

“I am breastfeeding one and I am so hungry and tired all the time, can only imagine how life with twins are!”

As for Amy, she happily offers support to other mums out there, now going through it all, especially those with twins.

“Any twin mamas out there bfing?” she asks. “I love cheering others on along this journey and remind you of just how amazing you are!”


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