The Mother Shift

If you’re a busy mum, trying to make the work-life combo a better fit for you, edge a little closer to the screen …

The Mother Shift is a brand new podcast series revealing what’s really going on behind closed doors, when women are juggling work and family life.

Hosted by broadcaster and mum of two boys, Jacinta Tynan, The Mother Shift couples expert advice with relatable, unfiltered stories, aiming to fit the puzzle of balancing home life and work life together in helpful ways.

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As our very diverse guests discuss the shifting priorities parenthood brings, psychologist and careers counsellor Kirsty Levin explains how to optimise time spent at work out of the home and make those hours count – without completely losing your mind!

Shift work, career rethinks, single parenthood, creative fields and contracting are just a few of the challenging real-life balancing acts covered in this compelling – and slightly confessional series.

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