A very special mum and baby photo shoot proves fed really is best

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When we think of feeding babies, we often think breastfeeding and bottle feeding, but for some babies, those options simply aren’t suitable, as this amazing Facebook post from photographer Anna Stacy illustrates.

Fed is best

“Yesterday evening I held a ‘fed is best’ shoot,” Anna explained.”The original idea was to have moms come out and show love and appreciation for other moms no matter how they feed their babies. Only tube feeding mamas showed up and this was the result!”

That result that Anna’s writing about is a bunch of lovely photos of mums and their little ones, who just happen to be tube-fed bubs.

Babies may need to be fed with a tube for a variety of reasons including neurological, respiratory, abdominal or gastrointestinal problems, difficulty with the swallowing reflex or difficulty sucking.

Some babies don’t have the muscle strength to suck adequately while others might be underweight, or gaining weight patchily. While some kids are fed by tube for a short span of time, for others it’s a permanent part of life.

Tube feeding is an alternative feeding method that many of us are not super aware of, so it’s brilliant that these images by Anna are sparking discussion about “tubies” and what “fed is best” can mean to some families.

Yesterday evening I held a “fed is best” shoot. The original idea was to have moms come out and show love and…

Posted by Anna Stacy Photography on Monday, September 16, 2019

‘Tubies’ unite!

Folk on Facebook loved Anna’s photos, and especially loved that she was normalising an experience that many parents and babies navigate.

“My tubie and I love this idea!! I need to get her photos done like this. Her feeding tube has helped her grow and thrive. Forever grateful for it!”

“Amazing! I was a tube fed mama and proud of it! Safely fed my baby and she’s learning everyday how to eat!”

“My tubie baby is thriving on pumped milk & as bad as I wanted to be able to breastfeed him, this is second best for us.”

“This is the most beautiful idea! I have fed my kids by breastfeeding, we have bottle fed, formula fed, and we have been fed through a button! This is a wonderful way to show that Fed is Best no matter what way you have to give it to your child to thrive! Love this photo shoot! The pictures speak volumes!”


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