Bachie Sam Wood flashed his bottom on Instagram – and many people are unhappy

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Snez and Sam Wood just took a final family-0f-four holiday ahead of the birth of their second child together.

Suns out, buns out?

So it seems that the parent police needed a new focus now that targeting their usual favourites Pink and Carey Hart has become a bit routine. Former The Bachelor star Sam Wood is apparently that person. #LuckyGuy

“Port Douglas you’ve been amazing. See you next time,” Sam wrote alongside a photo of himself and daughter Willow doing a bit of nudie beach-combing.

Turns out that a lot of people think bottoms are inappropriate and they were very keen to let Sam know.

“Seriously???? Why???” one passionate punctuator posted, obviously quite aghast. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

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Port Douglas you’ve been amazing. See you next time ? ?

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“Very disappointing”

Comments came thick and fast suggesting that this image was not okay. Some upset commenters were simply thinking of the children, they said.

“So now his teenage daughter and potentially her friends if they follow him r gonna see his ass lol imagine if that was our dads,” a follower pointed out and there are in fact several comments along those lines.

“That’s fine to take a pic of yourself like that but with your daughter really!!” someone scolded.

“Actually very disappointing,” another angry person wrote. “No need for this kind of photos. What does this suppose to prove anyway! I honestly liked following you until this.”

“Why did you feel the need not necessary will never buy your apps or follow,” someone else who doesn’t like punctuation or bare bottoms commented.

Others suggested that this was creepy, inappropriate, vain, selling-out … the list goes on.


But not everyone was anti-bum. In fact quite a few commenters were very, very PRO. 

“Oh I hope I see this attraction when I visit PORT DOUGLAS,” one person wrote.

“Yeah I just zoomed in on that … still good,” another approving fan posted.

“Sorry but her cute little tooshi is adorable!!! She wins this round,” someone else declared.

“Seriously if you have nothing nice to say scroll on,” one fan suggested to the naysayers. “There are bigger problems in the world than seeing Sam’s ass. It’s no different to a mother taking a picture in the shower with there baby or toddler with boob showing.”

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?Not too much longer now…

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