8 hairstyles from the 1980s we’re semi-thinking about trying on our kids

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In hindsight, some of the hairstyles from the ’80s do seem a little ridiculous now. And although the high, high, high side pony (pictured below) might not be a popular style now, that doesn’t your mini-me couldn’t pull one off. 

Maybe your kid already is?

Whether it’s some inspiration you’re after or a trip down memory lane, here are eight glorious hairstyles straight out of the ’80s. Enjoy!

1. The business mullet

woman with mullet

Party at the back. Business all over.

2. The high, high, highhhhh side pony

Hilarious 80s hairstyles - side ponytail

Scrunchies have made a comeback, after all …

3. The bird’s nest (a.k.a. the Bon Jovi)

Ahhhh, hair bands. You were a good time.

4. The electric ‘I just put a knife in the toaster’ look

Hilarious 80s hairstyles - toaster


5. The ‘I just put a knife in the toaster’ look – Punk/Goth Edition

Robert Smith from The Cure sure has some explaining to do!

6. The ‘who needs a forehead anyway’ headband

Hilarious 80s hairstyles - headband


A strong look for SJP here. A true fashion icon since way back.

7. The ‘I wish I was in The Bangles’ haircut

Hilarious 80s hairstyles - Bangles

Just another Manic Monday … and even more manic hair!

8. The ‘Flock of Seagulls’

Hilarious 80s hairstyles - Flock of Seagulls

Mike Score perpetually looked like he was trying to get lift off!

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