NURSH: Australia’s first ever 100% silicone baby bottle is here

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TOMY Australia has just launched the NURSH baby bottle from Boon. It’s the first ever 100 percent silicone baby bottle to hit our shores featuring no plastic, glass or nasties, and it allows air-free feeding which is great for all those bubs with colic and reflux. Slurps all round!

A design innovation

If you’re not a fan of plastic baby bottles due to all the unsafe chemicals but don’t want to resort to heavy glass, then get excited because there’s a new breed of bottle in town.

The revolutionary new NURSH baby bottle by Boon has been modelled directly on a mother’s breast and features a silicone pouch that collapses as your baby sucks milk from the bottle, squeezing out air to reduce the effects of colic, reflux and upset tummies.

NURSH baby bottle 

Key benefits and features

The new NURSH bottles have a stack of cool features and benefits for both babies and their mamas including:

  • They’re a safe and natural alternative to plastic: Silicone is a blend of bonded silicon (a natural element found in sand) and oxygen.
  • They’re free from toxins: Most plastics feature chemical nasties such as BPA, BPS and phthalates. The NURSH silicone bottles are naturally anti-microbial and hygienic.
  • They’re modelled on mum: The NURSH teat design replicates the natural nipple shape and softness, and is the perfect length for easy latching which can help babies move from breast to bottle.
  • They help reduce reflux and colic: The silicone pouch design means that any gas-inducing air is squeezed out instead of building up in bub’s tummy which can really ease the painful effects all those little ones prone to reflux who might accidentally ingest lots of air.
  • They’re microwave and dishwasher safe: Hello more spare time and less mess! They can also even be boiled, sterilised and frozen. Yes it’s true!
  • They’re easy to assemble: With only a few parts and no vents, valves or straws they’re a breeze to put together and take apart for cleaning and drying.

Move over boobs!

The NURSH silicone bottle is available in 8oz (236ml) and 4oz (118ml), and comes in a range of different colours including grey, pink and blue. You can buy them now, exclusively from Baby Bunting stores Australia-wide and online here

For more info check out this video below!



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