Ah-mazing! This simple baby bottle storage hack will keep everything together

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A mum has shared her hack for storing baby bottles and accessories, and it’s simply genius.

Where is the kitchen sink?!

If you have a pile of plastics to wash up everyday, thanks to all those bottles, teets, lids and screwy bits, then you will LOVE this simple hack for storing them all.

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You can use a hanging shoe rack to organize your bottles and other things! ? Photo from Pinterest #coralbabies #coralbabiesph #babyph #baby #momph #babyproducts #sellingph #forsaleph #babybottles #babybottlesph #babyhack #kids #family #mommyph #momhack

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It’s a shoe rack!

Shared by Coral Babies, the hack is simply a shoe rack with clear pockets filled with all the bottle bits and bobs.

We presume it’s attached to the back of the pantry door, because that would just make it even more practical. Fetching formula? There’s a bottle and everything that goes with it, right in front of you. Easy.

I know.

So simple. So smart!

Missing bottle bits no more 

If you’ve found yourself collecting different bottle brands to see how your little one likes them, then it’s likely that you have some decent bottle clutter. Especially as each one has ‘custom’ teats and accessories, so they can’t be mixed and matched.

Well thanks to this hack, there’s now an easy way to store each one and keep brands together.

The other thing we love about this hack is it means no more bottle plastics tumbling out of a kitchen cupboard. They are all kept in one place and are easy to see. 

Who knows, the bottle shoe rack may even free up your kitchen counters.

Imagine that?



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