Feeding reinvented: Meet the genius new baby bottle that imitates mum’s breast

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Step aside regular baby bottles, you have no power here!  

If there’s one thing any breastfeeding mama will tell you, it’s that as much as they love this special once-in-a-lifetime (for our babies, at least) experience, they would give almost ANYTHING for just a teeny tiny break from the breastfeeding merry-go-round so they could give their boobs a little holiday for a few measly hours! But for many, this is impossible. Many babies struggle to switch between the natural breast and the silicone teat of a baby bottle, which can result in nipple confusion, or even milk refusal 

And if there’s anything that belongs in the ‘too hard basket’, it’s messing with your baby’s feeding. 

Until now!

Meet the Nanobébé bottle

In the first step forward in baby bottle design in many years, finally, someone has created a bottle that imitates the breast so baby doesn’t get confused when fed via the bottle.  

And can you believe, it was a dad? Yep, this very clever bottle, the Nanobébé was designed by a dad who wanted to feed his baby so his wife could get some rest and not have to wake during the night to feed.

Praise be, can we ALL have one of these partners, please? 

Dad feeding baby with Nanobebe bottle

Feeding – but not as you know it 

Nanobébé is the first bottle to imitate the breast and preserve vital breastfeeding ingredients when used to feed your baby expressed breastmilk from Mum. 

According to the website, “Bottle shapes have remained the same, not because this is the best way to feed your baby but because this was the cheapest and easiest way to store liquid.” 

What makes this special bottle so special? 

Not only has Business Insider reviewed this genius bottle and decreed that “the Nanobébé bottle might just be the next best thing to mom’s breast”, it has also been featured on the cover of TIME Magazine and included as one the ‘Best Inventions 2018’. 

And here’s why:

Instead of the typical cylindrical shape of traditional baby bottles, the Nanobébé bottle is shaped like a breast and spreads the breast milk out into a thinner layer which allows it to warm up faster without damaging the milk’s nutrients. 

Coupled with the Nanobébé’s smart warming bowl, “this multi award-winning bottle has been specifically designed to preserve breast milk nutrients. Because of nanobébé’s unique geometry, heat travels a much shorter distance to reach all of the milk. This results in faster cooling, reducing bacterial growth and quick and even warming, which protects nutrients,” the website explains. “In fact, nanobébé’s bottle warms at least 2X faster than standard bottles.” 

Genius, right?  

The “smartest bottle ever made” imitates mum’s breast for bottle feeding

From breast to bottle and back again  

Aside from the wonderful benefits of shorter warming time and reducing the risk of bacteria forming, the Nanobébé helps give mum a chance to get some support with breastfeeding as well as have the comfort of knowing baby is more likely to transition back to breastfeeding after expressed feeds with Nanobébé.

Mums deserve more time to care for themselves during the most intense time of their lives and any product that helps towards that goal is absolutely worth investigating, in our books.  

Individual Nanobébé bottles are available via Rochilou and cost just $17.99 – or you can get yourself all set up with the Nanobébé starter pack now.


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