The 12 best photos of Harry and Meghan practising their parenting

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that newlyweds Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are expecting their first child in the UK’s spring.

Royal parenting crash course

The couple has always made it clear that babies were on the cards, and after a month or so of disguising Meg’s silhouette, all was revealed last Monday night on the eve of the couple’s first Australian tour engagement.

On Tuesday they hit the ground running, meeting and greeting a series of dignitaries, community leaders and members of the public. They charmed their way along the east coast over the week that followed, sharing hugs, handshakes and cute conversations with hundreds of interested royal enthusiasts.

It’s clear that not only are these two a lovely, relaxed and personable couple. They’re also primed for the roles of mum and dad.

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Here’s a bunch of delightful times they were stealthily training for these VERY important roles …

1. Speech night Mom and Pop

Anyone who has ever had a child knows that – at some point – you’ll need to supportively coach them through their first attempts at public speaking. Here’s how it’s done, Meg and Harry style:

2. Eye-eye!

Taking a leaf out of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s book, the pair had a very good crack at getting down to this sweet boy’s level and having a super-cute chat.

3. A cheery handshake 

This image might just be the second cutest kid-royal shot of the tour so far. 

4. And … the cutest one!

The interaction that stole hearts across the globe started out as a solo Harry effort, but was quickly a double act with Meghan keen to meet this gorgeous hugging, beard-tugging boy too.

5. Preschool hello’s

Never one to shy away from a chat with a kiddo, here’s a very engaged Harry meeting a very soggy little girl in Dubbo – much to everyone’s delight.

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6. Blooming cute

This shot’s from last Tuesday, and it features the royal pair in their first kid-focused photo opportunity after their pregnancy announcement. Apparently, these flowers were ONLY for Meghan, despite Harry’s efforts to wrestle a bouquet from these sweet kids.

7. Prize winning cuteness

Meghan gave this wee boy a medal as Harry looked on and she really was very, very good at it. This will set her in good stead for future children’s birthday party games, where every kiddo is a winner.

8. The Princely Squeeze

A bit of a grin and a squeeze from the Prince obviously made this little one’s day. And also Harry seems pretty stoked about the whole situation too.

9.  Making a point

Harry singled out this bright-as-a-button little boy at Fraser Island, delivering some words of wisdom in typical hands-on Haz style.

10. Girls rule!

After admitting he was keen on having a baby girl, Harry had a very adorable meet and greet with this prettily frocked-up little girl.

11. Baby daze

People began positioning babies in front of the couple from very early on in the tour – and they appeared NOT to mind one single bit.

12. Stop, squat and smile!

Among the official kid meet-and-greets was this brilliant pow-wow with the children supported by the brilliant Kookaburra Kids. Grins all ’round here – and who could blame them?!

Ready, set, baby!

Of course, these two have had plenty of experience with small children. Harry’s obviously uncle to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. And Meghan’s godmother to seven-year-old Rylan and six-year-old Remi Litt, daughters of Meg’s buddies Benita and Darren Litt.

Harry reportedly introduced his niece and nephew (Louis was not around yet!) to Meghan before they got engaged, as further proof that you can juggle ‘normal’ family life with royal obligations.

“Meghan was really keen to obviously meet Prince William and Kate, but she really wanted to meet Princess Charlotte and Prince George,” royal biographer Katie Nicholl explained.

“It is just a walk across the courtyard from Prince Harry’s cottage, which is Nottingham Cottage, to the big house where William and Kate’s children live. Meghan is very doting with children. She is very maternal and she was thrilled to meet George and Charlotte.”

It’s clear that these two are as ready for the parenting role as they’ll ever be. We can’t wait to see them squeezing and smiling at their own wee baby next year!

While currently, Harry and Meg’s baby will not be a little Prince or Princess, it’s expected that the Queen will move to change this a little closer to the birth.


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