Mum’s funny tweet sparks worldwide realisation that babies are kinda gross

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When US mum Desirae Robles shared a pukey pic of her after a bit of an incident with her baby girl, mums and dads on Twitter rushed to share their own gross baby stories. 

“Have a baby they said”

Suffice to say, babies are not born with cherubic faces for no good reason. In fact, it’s all part of a clever master plan to ensure that no matter which bodily fluids they fire at us, we will love them dearly, nonetheless.

Anyone who’s made the mistake of feeding a baby and holding them aloft, in front of their face will identify with Desirae’s dilemma.

We note that Desirae wisely kept her mouth tightly closed, after this confronting incident. It may not have been her first puke-rodeo.

“She’s done that before,” Desirae told BuzzFeed. “She’s pooped on me and stuff, but of course— you can’t be mad about it.” Her tweet is a warning to other parents that not only are your parents tiny darlings, they are tiny weapons when circumstances are right.

“Girl, same”

Twitter followers were very, very keen to share similar gross baby pics, flooding Desirae’s stream with a eye-watering, stomach-turning selection of babies activating their bodily fluids like total bosses.

While it’s not for the faint of heart, it might make you feel a little bit better about your own poopy little booger monster, and remind you of the icky powers babies are capable of wielding.

We’re thinking Desirae might have had to wash her eyes out after witnessing the outpouring of exploding nappies, very runny noses and epic spit-up from scores of complete strangers…  


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