Baby products you did not know you needed: the Baby Bum Brush

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Wait! Before you scoff and scroll on by, I really think you need to hear me out on this one. You might think your finger can do the job of applying nappy cream, but could it actually be the source of perpetuating nappy rash?

Just think about where your hands have been. Do you really have time to wash your hands like you’re supposed to when you have a squirmy, smelly baby that needs to be changed right now? What about afterwards when your arms are full of baby and dirty nappies destined for the bin? Let’s be honest, there are times it just doesn’t happen! That means you are carrying around bacteria that could be transferred directly to baby’s sorest and most sensitive parts when you are applying nappy cream the usual way.


The Baby Bum Brush is really quite ingenious. Made from BPA free, soft and flexible silicone, this applicator is naturally bacteria free and shaped to apply cream to sore little tushies faster, with a smoother and thicker spread. It has a suction base so you can put it aside without getting cream everywhere while you put a new nappy on and you can clean it easily with a wipe. It also saves you from that little surprise in your fingernails later on.

To see how easy the Baby Bum Brush is to use, watch this short video:

This would be a great gift to include in a baby shower hamper. Currently available in leading baby stores in the US, you can also purchase online. There are five different colours available and you can buy one for US$8 or choose your two favourite colours for $14. Shipping is available to Australia and costs US$15.



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