10 things that pause when you have kids (and one that doesn’t have to)

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Most mums admit that they wouldn’t change being a parent for anything in the world; however, there are a few things that mums can kiss goodbye when they accept the important role of motherhood.

So let’s count down some of the things we used to enjoy pre-parenthood that pause (indefinitely) when we have children.

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Dinners after 8pm

Asking kids to sit still and wait for food when they are hungry and tired is asking for trouble. One good thing about dining out with kids is that the restaurants are usually still empty at 5:30pm so you can always get a good seat!

Music, TV or movies with swear words

The first time your daughter belts out the F word after hearing it on the television will lock your television onto kids’ channels for life.

Sleeping when you are tired

Tired at 2pm on a Saturday? Feel like a Sunday morning sleep-in?

Ha. Ha. Unless the little ones are with your partner or asleep as well, there’s a pretty good chance if you do fall asleep on the lounge, you will wake up with stickers on your legs and red felt pen on your face.

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Hot coffee and tea

If you only have to reheat your beverage twice in the microwave, then it’s a good morning.

Sick days

On average, an Australian employee gets eight paid sick days a year. The average parent gets none.

Sides of the bed

Gone are the days when you had your side of the bed and your partner had his. Now, you’re lucky if you get a corner. But the cuddles make it totally worth it.

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Showers alone

I swear the moment my daughter hears the shower running, she strips down and jumps in before I even have a chance to adjust the nozzle.

High heels

They just don’t complement yoga pants and baby vomit on your t-shirt like thongs, flats or trainers do.

Raising girls one

Impromptu road trips

Remember when your friends would suggest taking a camping trip or road trip to a concert on the weekend and you would simply pack up a bag and go? Now even a trip to the shops requires three different bags.

Ending the ‘work’ day at 5pm

There is no such thing as nine-to-five when you become a mum. But, even though you are constantly ‘on call’, your co-workers can be a tad demanding (and messy) and the work is pro bono, it really is the best job in the world.


What about your career?

One thing that doesn’t have to stop just because you’ve entered the journey of parenthood are your plans for the future. There are plenty of study options available for mums who want to further their current career or change paths altogether. Yes, study with a new baby is hard but it is also rewarding.  After all, if you can manage to settle an infant, sort three loads of washing and study during your spare time, then you’re pretty much ready for anything life throws your way!

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