New Peejamas make toilet training at night easy PEEsy!

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Say goodbye to endless soggy pyjamas and sheets from your child wetting the bed and hundreds of nappies! New wee absorbent sleepwear label, Peejamas, is here and it’s the perfect next step in toilet training that’s also fun, convenient AND good for the environment.

Pee problems

One of the most annoying parts about potty training is the nighttime. It can take a while for kids to get the hang of it and so you end up having to still pop nappies on them for months (or years!) afterwards at night, or face bed-wetting accidents which upsets little ones and disrupts their sleep. Plus it also means mountains of washing for you.

Introducing Peejamas

This was the problem facing some parents in America who decided to take matters into their own hands. With the help of hundreds of crowdfunders (no doubt other parents who could relate to bed wetting dilemma), they created Peejamas – the first ever super-absorbent pyjamas that are a complete bedtime toilet training replacement to nappies. Yay! 

peejamas group

It’s a PJ pee party!

Peejamas are perfect for any child who is currently toilet training or prone to bed-wetting accidents, being a much nicer and more affordable alternative to disposable nappies. They’re also super stylish too, so your kids can look great while peeing their pants!

Other awesome perks and features of Peejamas:

  • More eco-friendly than nappies (less impact on landfill)
  • Less hassle (no having to restock or store large quantities of nappies)
  • Made from plush, absorbent fabric that holds 10 times its weight in liquid and lasts for over 300 washes
  • Stress-free, uninterrupted sleep for parents and kids
  • Super comfy with designs that suit both boys and girls
  • No more stained mattresses or endless sheet washing
  • The perfect (and confidence boosting) transition for kids wanting a nappy-free life
  • Can be worn as normal pyjamas once they’re no longer wetting the bed

Read more about toilet training:

Snatch ’em up!

The Peejamas come in a range of sizes from US 2 to 6/7 with options for three different designs (animals, stripes and arrows). We’re sure B1 and B2 would be impressed because luckily for us they ship to Australia! An early bird price for one pair costs AUD $53.00 (plus shipping), which also comes with a free potty training e-book. There are options for multiple pairs and bundles to save more money as well.

peejamas girl


When you consider you have to buy pyjamas for your child anyway, well … it’s a no-brainer really! Who knew weeing the bed could be so much fun?! If you need some Peejamas in your little one’s life just head to the Peejama kickstarter website here.


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