OMG! Kmart’s bigger and better beach trolley is here! And mums are cheering

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Do you find yourself regretting family beach days as you trudge across the hot sand, loaded up with everyone’s STUFF?

Even if you have willing little helpers, who carry their own towel, there is still an enormous beach bag filled with sun cream, drink bottles, swim nappies, floaties, toys and not to mention snacks.

Well now Kmart has come to the rescue with their new and improved beach trolley – and social media is melting down.

Painful beach days be gone

Kmart’s original fordable beach trolley costs just $49 and has been a family beach day game changer.

See, no more sore arms!

Kmart beach trolley

With wheels designed to go over sand and a basket to carry everyone’s crap, it has continuously sold out in the lead up to summer.

But now there’s a new caddy and tell your mum-friends, because it’s gooood.

Bigger and better

The new beach caddy has four awesome new features.

The best thing is perhaps the canopy, which means you could potentially turn it into a shady bed by folding up a few towels for bub to take a nap in when beside you at the beach.

It also has a handy zip-up storage compartment for ALL THAT BEACH STUFF, as well as wider wheels.

While the original Kmart beach trolley has a single handle, the new trolley has a large pram-style handle at one end and a smaller one at the other. Maybe for a little person to guide?

Now, are you frothing too?!

Mums gone Kmart beach cart crazy

News of the new beach trolley has excited mums on social media.

Since spotting one in-store, a Kmart fan posted the picture of the canopy beach trolley to the Kmart Mums Australia Instagram.

It was also shared on the group’s Facebook page and has already gotten 1.6 reactions, 8.4 comments and 660 shares, many of which are mums telling other mums about it.

We love any product that makes our lives with kids easier, and a little less painful!

New Beach trolley!! $69 from Kmart Australia πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Posted by Kmart Mums Australia on Saturday, October 19, 2019

I love this idea. You always have so much crap to take down to the Beach. Put the bucket and spade in along with bub and you’re set. LOL” suggested one. 

“Perfect for a picnic, too!” commented another.

I can’t see it online?

While the Foldable Beach Trolley with Canopy has been spotted in some stores, it seems it’s not everywhere yet. And a quick search on the Kmart website shows it’s not available to be purchased online (yet).

A few Kmart shopaholics have mused why this might be the case.

“All new products arrive in QLD first before they reach the other states. This is where this photo was taken. It may be another couple of weeks before it’s available everywhere,” one mum informed another wondering why the new trolley isn’t in her local store.

So relax, mums. It seems the Foldable Beach Trolley with Canopy is still rolling out across our beach-loving nation. But if you do see one in your local store, snap it up. It looks like these bad boys will sell out fast.


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