Kmart is selling same-sex family doll sets and we are HERE for it!

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Those excellent peeps at Kmart know that families come in all shapes and sizes so they’ve released a range of family doll sets that include same-sex families, and Aussie families are cheering their inclusivity.

The “Family Playset – Assorted” sets cost $15 each and come in three variations: either a family with two dads, two mums, or an opposite sex-couple. All kits include two children, a pet, a baby stroller, a picnic basket, and a range of picnic food items.

Kmart same-sex family doll sets

Positive response from parents

The Australian retail giant is being praised on social media for their inclusivity, with one woman posting: “Great that kids can go to the shops and see a representation of their family unit!” – a sentiment that was echoed by many other parents.

Some shoppers are keen to see Kmart expand the range to include other cultures: “Be great if they were more racially diverse.”

However, not everyone is happy with the idea, with one unhappy customer posting, “Oh for crying out loud!!! Can’t we just let kids be kids!! This is getting ridiculous.”

(insert eye-roll here)

Kmart same-sex family doll sets Kmart same-sex family doll sets

Overall, the response has been mostly positive, with some stores selling out fast. You can see if they’re available at a store near you on Kmart’s website, or you can buy online. Be warned though, according to this statement on their website, you don’t get to choose which set you receive when ordering online:

“We cannot guarantee which design you will receive as products are selected at random for online orders.”

So get in quick to snap ’em up!


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