Kylie Jenner reveals baby Stormi’s pierced ears – and fury follows

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Kylie Jenner is mum to five-month-old baby girl Stormi (with partner and musician Travis Scott) and her latest video of the wee gal has people tapping angry responses into their phones.

“How can she put holes in her baby?”

“The best kisses,” Kylie captioned the very cute clip of her blinking adorable baby. It’s clear that the pair are besotted and we want to squeeze them both, truth be told.

But the footage also revealed that Kylie – like sister and fellow mama Khloé – has decided to pierce baby Stormi’s ears. While some followers took it on the chin and noted this is a common practice in many cultures, others were not on board at all.

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Commentary about the baby girl’s ears quickly reached fever pitch online as people were keen to have their opinions heard – and tell Kylie how to raise her daughter.

“I mean cute and all but the baby’s ears are pierced,” one person wrote doubtfully.

“How can she put holes in her baby! Awful I could never cause my baby unnecessary pain,” someone else commented – very dramatically.

“Oh you gotta be kidding me. Who the hell pierced the ears of a baby. What comes next, toddler tattoos?” a naysayer tweeted.

It didn’t matter that the clip was really more about Kylie smooching her daughter and bob-admiring baby Stormi’s possible future as a hairdresser. It was all about the ears, y’all. 

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It’s the latest in a series of Kylie critiquing episodes this week, with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and beauty co CEO coming under fire for making the cover of Forbes Magazine.

As the publication honoured the billionaire status Kylie has achieved in three short years – at the age of just 20 – many were keen to point out that she doesn’t truly fit the definition of ‘self-made’ the mag has labelled her with.

They say she got a serious leg-up – thanks to a fairly well-off family and her sister’s existing profile – and is not deserving of accolades or cover stories.

“An empire that doesn’t do anything”

Waleed Aly was a particularly vocal critic from his seat on local panel current affairs show, The Project.

“So, in what way is she self-made?” Waleed asked the panel. “She didn’t have a lemonade stall somewhere and build it up.”

Then co-host Tommy Little suggested Waleed was criticising Kylie because she was young.

‘That’s not why I’m knocking her down,” Waleed shot back. “I’m knocking her down because she is part of an empire that doesn’t do anything.”

“And to think if it wasn’t for Kim’s sex tape, none of this would have been possible,” co-panellist Rachel Corbett chimed in. (And honestly, if that situation isn’t making lemonade outta lemons than we don’t know what is. Go Kim!)

Waleed’s made no secret of his disdain for the KarJenners. He recently voiced his frustration over the way they are deified, when Kim intervened in the case of a US grandmother who had been jailed for two decades over a minor drug charge, securing a pardon – and her release – from US President Donald Trump.

Waleed felt Kim was infringing on the judicial system – and cherry-picking cases to champion, rather than pushing for broader reform.


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