To my three-year-old, PLEASE, oh please poo in the potty!

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My little man. You are a star at doing your wees in the potty and even ‘watering the plants’ when you decide to relieve yourself outside, but we need to have a little chat.

You see, it’s about your number twos. 

Why, oh why, do you insist on doing them in your undies still? I’ve thought about it and I think there might be a few reasons, but it’s OK. I am here to help you …

Are you scared of falling into the big scary loo?

When you have to sit on the toilet, you look so small. Your face shows fear and you want me to hold onto you. But my bubba, I PROMISE the toilet will not swallow you up. We can put your special seat on it to make you feel more secure if you like, and I won’t make the noisy flush noise until after you have washed your hands and left the bathroom. You can also always do your business in the potty, too. 

toddler hug

Do you think that your poo is a body part?

My love your poo comes out of you, yes, but it isn’t a part of you like your legs. Your poo is just old food that your tummy has decided it doesn’t need anymore. It’s OK to let it go, too. Let’s say bye bye to it together and flush it away down the fun toilet slippery dip.  

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Do you like it when mummy cleans you up?

Sometimes I wonder if you like making a mess in your undies because having me wipe you, soothe you and clean you up makes you feel like a baby. Well, my big boy, you may be toilet training but you are still my little love. I will give you more cuddles and remind you of this more so you feel it. 

Do you like calling the shots?

It must be so annoying not having much autonomy. I am always telling you what to do, how long you can do it for and when we have to leave somewhere. It must be nice to choose to do your poo in your pants instead of somewhere I have told you to do it. I get it. But my love, pooey undies are messy. Let’s try and make you feel like a big boy who can call the shots a bit more in his life in other ways. I will start giving you more choices. 

Do your poos take you by surprise?

You seem to know when a wee is coming and run to me proudly so I quickly tug down your pants and position you on the potty, but your poos? Do you feel them coming? Or does it take you by surprise? As in by the time you’ve realised it’s here, you haven’t had a chance to tell me? It’s OK, maybe you are still learning how to read your body. We’ll have a little chat about how it feels when a poo is coming. You will get there, I know. And  I will be patient.

Is it because you think pooing is naughty?

Lastly, I hope you don’t worry that doing a poo is naughty. It’s not! I know I sigh when you do one in your undies, but it’s just because of the mess I need to clean up, not because poos are a bad thing. We all poo! Even mummy and daddy do. Poos are just something we do every day and making one is not naughty. You are a good boy! And sitting on the potty or on the toilet to do a poo is sticker-worthy good. In fact, I will get you a chart so you can see for yourself!  

So my sweet little toilet trainer who won’t poo in the loo, perhaps the reason you soil your undies is a little of all of these things. Now I have thought about them though, I am going to help you. We are in this together. I love you. 


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