“Batman undies in my underpants drawer”: Now THIS is what motherhood looks like

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This morning I found a tiny pair of Batman undies in my underpants drawer. “Now THIS is what motherhood looks like,” I giggled to myself. “It’s finding their undies in your smalls drawer because A) you accidentally put them away there because #mumbrain and B) you have no claim to anything anymore, like your own undies drawer.” I walked into the lounge room and I plonked the knickers over my youngest’s head who was watching Fireman Sam. He roared with laughter when he realised the ‘hat’ he was wearing. 

It made me think, what other things sums up our lives at this exact, and most precious, point in time. Here’s what I came up with. What else would you add? 

Now, THIS is what motherhood looks like …

It’s picking dried play dough from your jeans as you wait in the doctor’s office with a sick bubba with flushed cheeks.

It’s feeling like your heart may explode 100 times a day because your chest can’t possibly contain that much bubbling love in the moment.

It’s waking up at 5.15am, again, to put on ABC kids TV, and then standing like a zombie in front of the kettle as it boils so you can make a coffee.

It’s breastfeeding your baby to sleep and feeling like you have superpowers.

Breastfeeding mum and baby

It’s post-bath towel cuddles with your drowned rat toddler, who, at that moment, decides he’s your baby again.

It’s abandoning your hot coffee at the cafe because of your baby’s poo explosion that needs urgent attention. 

It’s dustbusting up 500,000 sultanas from your little one’s car seat one day, and then turning a blind eye to them the next. 

It’s consoling your distraught toddler who is melting down over his banana snapping in half.

It’s feeling like you are not doing a good enough job at work or home. But in actual fact, you are AMAZING to be doing it at all.

It’s rolling over on a toy car/piece of duplo/doll in your sleep, because a little someone left it there last night at story time.

Mother and son hugging

It’s saying the words, ‘this too shall pass’ over and over to get you through the day, and then getting sad because you know that one day it will.

It’s chucking your shopping on the checkout conveyor belt at the speed of light in the hope it will speed things up so you avoid your little one having a supermarket meltdown.

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It’s driving around for two hours needing to wee but knowing you can’t because you have a sleeping baby in the car.

It’s stroking your toddler’s wispy baby hair and wanting to bottle the sensation because you know that soon it will become course and he’ll look more like a little boy. Which you are both sad and excited about.

Toddler bubbles

It’s eating a lunch of discarded Vegemite sandwich quarters, half-eaten biscuits and nibbled apple slices because you don’t want to waste food and throw your toddler ‘s scraps in the bin. 

It’s going to the toilet while your toddler sits proudly, starring up at you smiling from the potty on the bathroom floor.

It’s finding a bottle of old milk under the cot and wondering if someone should have called the health department on you. 

It’s realising that your children are the meaning of life.

It’s having a shower because your little one wanted to vomit on you instead of in the bowl.

It’s finding a feather, rock and golden Crunchie wrapper in your pocket because these were the precious things toddler wanted to take home from the park.

It’s lugging around a nappy bag that Mary Poppins would be proud of. You literally have EVERYTHING you might need. 

It’s smelling your own BO and not remembering when you last showered.

It’s thinking there is nothing more adorable than your baby’s sloppy kisses.

It’s building a train track for your little loves, again, and then packing it away when they’ve forgotten about it, again. 

It’s rocking a greasy mum bun with every other sleep-deprived mum at the playground. 

It’s rolling a ball to your baby and turning a blind eye to the washing that needs folding and the dishwasher that needs unstacking. 

It’s knowing your toddler’s ‘love language‘ is him giving you his prized mandarin sticker. 


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