7 potty training perils all mums know too well

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Like a parenting monolith, potty training looms large on the horizon. Unavoidable, formidable and the cause of so many extra glasses of wine and loads of washing. Parents, we’re with you all the way as you battle these potty training perils. 

1. The false alarm

Your little one has taken to potty training with supreme enthusiasm – so much so that every two minutes of the day they want to go potty. Except they really don’t, they just want your attention (kids are pretty smart like that). But you can’t not take them, because the one time you don’t, you know you’ll be cleaning up an ungodly mess. Welcome to the toilet tango – it’s a dangerous dance, people.

potty training1

2. Why is there always corn?

Your child will become fascinated with what ends up in the potty. Enough said.

3. The Olympic sprint

If you’re out of shape, sort yourself quick smart. You don’t want to pull a hammy as you’re running with a fully-loaded toddler to the potty.

4. The walk of shame

Think standing on Lego is bad? Wait until your foot meets an ill-placed, un-emptied potty.

5. The terrifying toilet

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of children like the possibility of falling into the toilet – after all, they’ll be sucked down the pipes, right? If you thought the monster under the bed keeping them awake at night was bad – try convincing them to sit their little bottoms on a cavernous, adult-sized loo.

6. Escape from potty-Alcatraz

While in the confines of your home, with a potty always within sight, you can fall into a false sense of security. Just wait until you have to leave your house. On even the shortest trip, they will find a way to pee on the car seat, a set of spare clothes and the floor (clean-up in aisle three!).

toddler toilet undies potty training sl

7. The toss or wash debate

When embarking on potty training, we tend to get overly excited and purchase a heap of cute undies for out little ones. What a mistake it is. One poo accident in those fancy Spiderman dacks, and you’ll be engaging in the age-old debate – wash or toss? (Handy hint: toss)

Ah, the joys. Whether potty training is on the horizon, or you’re currently in the midst of getting your little one out of nappies, you’ll need to get the right toilet training gear. You ought to consider not just a potty, but also those soft little seats you can attach to the toilet, and a whole heap of bath stuff – because you’ll be bathing this child several times a day, trust me. Good luck, parents, we’ll see you on the other side!

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