Maybe your kiddo wants to wee in a froggy urinal?

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It’s hard to know what to think of this frog urinal for little boys, but we’re guessing the idea of actually using it will delight every preschooler?!

Frog urinal

A wee windmill!

Touted as perfect for the under-six boys in your life, its maker says that this novelty urinal – which suctions to your bathroom wall – will keep boys super interested in toilet training.

“The baby does not resist,” its makers claim. #LOL

The urinal is made from plastic and shaped like a frog with an open mouth. In the mouth is a little propellor which spins around when someone pees on it. Whodathunkit?! 

The urinal can be secured at the exact right height for your child and comes apart for easy cleaning. It’s also portable in case you need to take it on holidays or the like.

Frog urinal Frog urinal

A pee propellor!

Reviewers of the pee-in-a-frog’s-mouth potty thought it was a brilliant invention.

“We love this product and what’s more important, so does our kiddo,” one wrote. “He thinks it’s hilarious to make the propeller spin and is so proud every time he uses it. Highly recommend!”

“Second one I have purchased I got this for my twins and it’s so practical we put it outside as well and he loves using it,” another fan wrote. “Friends want one too and I’ve never seen these urinals anywhere else. Twins are 4 years now and still use. Super happy mum.”

You can buy the froggy urinal in various colours on eBay or Catch from $10.

 Frog urinal Frog urinal


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