Chrissy Teigen decoding her daughter’s babbling is peak toddler whisperer

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We already knew Chrissy Teigen was a pretty smart cookie. She’s just released her second cookbook and frequently weighs in on political issues, famously going head-to-head with POTUS so many times he blocked her.

Sausage, plz

What we hadn’t realised is that she’s a total gun when it comes to decoding complex languages. Granted she can’t make sense of much of the confusing dialogue President Trump is spouting – because who even can? –  but she has proven her linguistic skills are optimal when it comes to … Toddlerspeak! (While some might assert that Trumpspeak and Toddlerspeak are fairly closely related, that seems a bit unfair to little kids.)

This week, when Luna asked her mum for a snack, Chrissy had the sitch in hand – and showed us all what a fine ear she has.

“Only I can understand my kid. she’s like ‘BDIDKDKODKDHJXUDHEJSLOSJDHDUSJMSOZUZUSJSIXOJ’ and I’m like ‘OK I will get you a piece of sausage in just a minute.'”

Gob. Smacked. LOL. 

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The toddler whisperer

Chrissy’s followers said it was the same with their kids, and that they felt like toddler interpreters a lot of the time too.

“My husband used to call it ‘cloud speak’ the language babies use to speak to each other while they’re waiting up in the clouds to be born,” one follower posted. “His theory is as they get older they speak less ‘cloud’ and use other languages. Mums are always fluent in cloud.”

“I feel this way 50 per cent of the time with my toddler. The other 50 per cent, I just listen and say ‘OK darling’,” someone else admitted.

“Same, it’s a mum thing. I love when my kids talk to my husband then he looks at me for interpretation,” a mum posted.

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Brunch with my boys!

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Chrissy took the opportunity to focus in on the language of someone else this week, as well. #WordsWordsWords

When a Twitter user blinking cruelly described her and hubby John Legend as “fake-baby-having nobody’s” she tweeted back with a correction.

“John and I are not fake-baby-having nobody’s. We are fake-baby-having nobodies,” she noted, removing the errant apostrophe.

“I am so used to people rage tweeting me that I go numb to their insanity and just get sad at their misplaced apostrophes,” she admitted.

Honestly, we can’t blame her. That sort of venom would turn us into grammar nerds too. Now does anyone have any sausage?


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