8 tricks to get bath-haters to embrace bath time

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For some parents, the nightly bath time battle means having to explain to your kind-but-nosey neighbour the next day that no, Charlotte didn’t hurt herself, it’s just her inexplicable aversion to a small amount of water in the bottom of a large receptacle that causes the nightly scream-off.

For the bath haters out there, here are eight ideas that are guaranteed to get them not only staying in the bath, but loving it too!

1. Make your own non-toxic bath crayons

Make bath time into art time. You can buy ‘bath time crayons’ that wash off tiles, but why not make your own with this simple step-by-step guide?

Photo: Mama Instincts

2. Hidden LEGO man bath bombs

I dare you to find a kid that won’t be enticed into the bath with the promise of LEGO men hidden inside fizzy homemade bath bombs. Here’s the recipe.

Photos: Lemon Lime Adventures

3. Glow in the dark baths

Simply buy some glow sticks, bracelets and glasses, then turn off the lights, draw the blinds and voila! The Coolest. Bath. Ever. You could even make your own glow-in-the-dark paint.

Glow in the dark bath paint

Photo: Growing A Jeweled Rose

4. Colour themed baths

Or you could use a little bit of coloured dye and make a colour-themed bath like this yellow one -but upon reflection, maybe don’t use yellow.

Photo: Busy Toddler

5. Wind up toy races

Grab the wind up toys and line them up for a race across the foamy bath seas!

6. Make a balloon-powered sponge boat

Get your science hat on, and make this simple sponge boat that uses the pressure of the air escaping from a balloon to jet off across the bath. Another way to race boats in the bath!

Photo: The Craft Train

7. Back to basics … blow bubbles

It’s so simple and cheap … blowing bubbles kept my son in the bath when he was between 6-12 months old. Also, the bubbles have a delightful way of sticking to wet skin, so the bath is perfect for this!

8. Rainbow foam

We’re a bit obsessed with this beautiful idea to make rainbow foam. Not sure how well it would clean your kids, but hey, it’s worth a shot if it gives them a happy association with the bath for next time, right?

Photo: Fun at Home with Kids


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