13 things your toddler most likely spilled on their shirt this week

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Some things are just made to be spilled. All over the place. Just ask any parent with a toddler. So come and count down the things that you’ve most likely had to clean up from the floors, the tables and the shirts of both you and your toddler (and most likely all in one week).

1. Porridge or Weet-Bix

There is no better way to start your morning than with a bowl of healthy grains… especially all down your shirt. And the best thing about Weet-Bix and porridge is how it turns into cement within 60 seconds of being applied.

2. Some sort of bodily fluid

At this time of year, snot is fairly likely. But it’s just as likely to be something even nastier, especially when toilet training.

toddler mess cover sl

3. Paint, Play Doh or another equally annoying-to-clean-up craft item

Even when wearing an art smock, the paint or Play Doh still manages to get all over the clothing (and in the hair). And don’t even get me started on glitter…

4. Permanent pen that she somehow extracted from a locked drawer

Despite the secret hiding spot, toddlers still manage to find these off-limit pens, draw all over the walls, their faces and, of course, their clothing.

5. Ice cream

Considering how desperate kids are for ice cream, a surprisingly amount of it seems to miss their mouths. Watching my child eat ice cream is one of the most stressful things I do as a parent.

6. Medicine

The bright pink or orange stuff especially.

7. Grass stains

The afternoon trip to the park just isn’t complete without a stain to prove your toddler thoroughly enjoyed herself. The good thing about grass stains is that they often don’t show up on darker clothing. But we still know they are there.

8. Yoghurt

For every bite that makes it into his mouth, two bites will make it onto his shirt. It’s the law of yoghurt. Even those easy peasy pouch yoghurts can cause complications in the hands of a toddler.

sl eating child cold power

9. Tomato sauce

Whether from pizza, spaghetti bolognese or as the topping for hot chips, tomato based sauces are ever present with kids. After all, tomato sauce is my kids’ condiment of choice for every food from hot chips to chicken to broccoli.

10. Berries – any variety!

If it’s round, juicy and colourful, then it’s going to make an excellent addition to the front of any shirt.

11. Ingrained dirt

Not just normal one-layer dirt – that would be too easy to clean. We’re talking about the kind of dirt from when your toddler has been playing in a muddy puddle while wearing white socks.

12. Lipstick

Especially if it’s red and expensive.

13. Mashed up banana and/or avocado

Bonus points if there’s some hidden in their pockets.

We forgot to mention what has been spilled all over the floor, including dried up bits of toast, broken biscuits, pasta shells and pretty much anything that is green and good for you (which the dog also refuses to eat).

s26 sp toddlers sl

Despite the messes they make and the laundry they go through each and every day, we can’t help but love watching our toddlers enjoy all that life has to offer, stains and all.

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cold power product

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