Gender reveal lasagna is here to divide the internet and spark outrage

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If you were feeling sad because there was nothing surprising to debate on Facebook at the mo, you’ll be pleased to know that GENDER REVEAL LASAGNA is here to divide us all and save the day!

Who wants to get cross about lasagna?!

If you need to ask why a gender reveal lasagna is dividing people then you’re very, very non-judgemental and good for you.

What’s happening is that people are not only debating whether gender reveals should even be a thing – because many think pinning an identity on kids even before they are born is wrong – but they’re wondering why pink and blue are yet again being stereotyped as boy/girl colours.

And mainly with this story, they’re questioning why we needed to turn the deliciously rustic, golden and tomatoey lasagna into a whole range of other very unnatural colours.

Secret layer!

It seems that some of the answers lie on the website of gender reveal lasagna inventor Villa Italian Kitchen. Villa Italian Kitchen has hundreds of locations across the US and specialises in … speedy Italian food.

They invented this new pink and blue pasta reveal because it’s a genius marketing move – and to be fair probably so they can help families celebrate their wee babies too! 

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The restaurant’s now-viral gender reveal lasagna will set expectant families back US$139 as part of a package that serves 12 hungry people.

“We are thrilled for the addition of an exciting new catering package to our robust lineup of mouthwatering menu items: the world’s first-ever Gender Reveal Lasagna!” the company’s website says.

“Available now, the Gender Reveal Lasagna Catering Package features one cheese lasagna with a secret pink or blue interior, a tray of Villa Italian Kitchen’s famed garlic rolls and a choice of either a garden, Caesar or Greek salad.”


Inventors of the Gender Reveal Lasagna are urging parents-to-be to share photos of their reveal on social media using a special hashtag and do you know what? We bet they will!

“Creating the Gender Reveal Lasagna was so much fun,” Stephanie Beamer, division vice president of franchising and catering, said in the statement, TODAY reports.

“We can’t wait to see all the videos of guests revealing their babies’ genders to family and friends in such a unique way.”

So if you needed something to be outraged about, maybe this is your thing?! (Or maybe you love it, and that’s good too!)


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