Pregnant mum conceives a second baby, ten days after the first

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Brisbane mum Kate Hill and her hubby have managed an amazingly rare baby-making feat. With just one romantic romp, they’ve conceived two babies over a period of ten days, and Kate successfully delivered both bubs via c-section at close to full term.

The ‘miracle’ birth was captured by award-winning photographer Selena Rollason.

World-beating bubs

This mind-boggling phenomenon, called superfetation, has apparently only been documented around ten times before, worldwide.

“We actually didn’t realise how special that was, until they were born,” Kate told Today Tonight.

Kate’s obstetrician, Dr Brad Armstrong from Greenslopes Private Hospital, had no previous experience of superfetation but was soon to become a kind of national expert. Initially he turned to Google to research the rare pregnancy.

“I could not find any literature in the medical review websites at all,” Dr Armstrong remembers. “I had to go and Google it!”

Double the fun

This double pregnancy was an exciting blessing for Kate and her husband Peter. The couple had been struggling with fertility issues, due to Kate’s Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and had turned to medical professionals for extra help.

When it was discovered that Kate wasn’t ovulating, her team prescribed hormones, in an effort to make the couple’s dream of having a family come true.

It seems the hormones well and truly did the trick. The couple had unprotected sex just once, Kate had ovulated and she conceived twins, first up. Sadly one twin did not develop, but scans showed that baby number one was well and truly on the way. Yay!

This was when things got a little bit amazing. Ten days later Kate ovulated again and Peter’s sperm – from that single incidence of unprotected sex – was still viable enough to fertilise it. The fertilised egg then shuffled in alongside the existing, surviving embryo and surprise baby number two was on the way.


So, one roll in the hay (and the right cocktail of hormones and conditions) resulted in two conception dates, two due dates, and two healthy babies – Charlotte and Olivia. Amazing!

In true dad-joke style, Peter refers to the conceptions as a ‘hole in one’. *chortle*

Charlotte and Olivia were both born two days shy of a scheduled c-section. They are non-identical twins. Their parents say they are completely different little beings and even have different blood types.

The couple said they are unsure whether they’ll have more kids. They’re still coming to terms with their amazing pregnancy and life with two odds-defying little girls.

Image source : Today Tonight



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